Where is my negativity?

We as human being create two types of feelings, one are positive and second are negative. Positive feelings create a positive energy around us and negative feelings create negative energy around us. This positive energy we can say as our positivity and negativity. Both these energies signify a creative and destructive energy. When are happy and want others to be happy then we emit positive energy and which is helpful in the construction of positive vacuum which is helpful in the growth of others and us. On the other hand when we are unhappy or are jealous then we emit negative energy which is constructs a negative vacuum which creates destruction for us and others. Therefore we need to remain more in the state of positive energy and to minimum in the state of negative energy because this overall good for us and all the people around and finally good for this world. If whole of this world become filled with positive energy then we can expect a more beautiful and good world for all of us.
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