Why people love themselves and not others?

This may appear a strange question to many people; however this fact is a truth. We only love our self and are very rarely worried about the welfare of others. Even we can find this entire fact true in our relations for example a father may overshadow the desires of his child only to fulfill his worldly achievements. This is common story for many people around the world.

Many people suffer due to these prejudices present in our society. The main problem is that these problems following continuous order. First they occur to the person then after some time victim himself start victimizing others. Therefore all this go on happening in the cyclical form. Due to this matter generations after generations suffer from all this. Now the point which comes is that why people support all this and do not revolt.

The answer is simple; many of us do not have the required power, potential or guts to oppose it. And people who are able to revolt and find there own paths, they never commit these mistakes again, however there numbers is very small. Now from this self centric world it is very difficult to create a world which thinks about others also, therefore this entire thing make very difficult to construct a dream nation which is not biased towards any one. Today due to these reasons we see a world full of victims. Some are victims of money; some are of power and some of circumstances.
Many people survive, eat and die on the road only due to this self centric approach of few. People who claim of making this world more wealthy and prosperous are practically making themselves rich and prosperous. In real world of good people no one can die on the road with hunger, no one can die in winter due to no clothes on the body. We plays false claims of goodness, where as from inside we only love our self and working to make one self more comfortable. For making this world place for all we need to uncover our false good faces and start loving all the creatures of this universe or otherwise one day our self love will eat whole of the earth
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