Why Ayurvedic medicines are better?

Many people believe that Ayurvedic medicines are better than the mostly used allopathic medicines. Now the question which arises is that all this is true or people are just creating the rumors. In this article, I am sharing few of the scientific and general facts which prove by Ayurvedic medicines are better.
1) Ayurvedic medicines comes from the natural sources therefore it is easy for the body to accept these medicines than the allopathic ones which comes from the organic sources.
2) The real drug (active part) inside the Ayurvedic is available in very small quantity therefore causes no or negligible side effect as compared to allopathic medicines.
3) Allopathic medicines are usually given in larger quantity to create immediate result which put extra pressure on our essential organs like liver and therefore causes many side effects. Therefore if these medicines are taken for long time then can causes damage to our essential organs.
4) Most of allopathic medicines do the job of preventing then treating the disease. By taking the allopathic medicines people feel relief but the actual problem remains with in.
5) Allopathic medicines market is controlled by big medicine companies which wants to increase there business at any cost and not the relief to the people.


  1. It is so coz, it never harm to us even though could not found better to health.

    Secondly, OLD IS always GOLD...



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