Which is a great language?

Today we all see that English is becoming a major language of the world and the other local languages of the world are facing chance of eradication from the world map. The reason behind all this that English is a more rewarding language therefore it offers more benefits to the newer generation to learn it. On the other hand other languages are restricted to small area and are not able to attract their youth towards them. Due to this many local elders starts thinking English as a bad language because it was indirectly killing their language. However we can not blame English for this. This may be the wide spread approach of English which has made it a world language. Today when we write or speak in English then definitely we get very large audience for us which are not possible with other languages. And to some extent all the languages are same they are only ways to give words to our thoughts. Therefore we should not indulge in any fights over the languages because all the languages are fine and let the time decide which languages prevails in this world.
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