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It is the starting of winter season in India. This year there are speculations that winters will be very harsh. People like me may not have any problem in this winter because they have enough cloths to protect them self from cold. However there are millions of people who even do not have enough cloths to wear.

Yesterday when I was talking to a servant of my land lord then I discovered that he has only sweater to wear. The sweater was also not in a good condition, it was torn from many places. He was waiting for his salary to buy one more sweater.

Some times it becomes very difficult to understand that why there is so much difference in the society, some people are having more than enough and others do not have what is required.

Still we people are running towards creating more and more wealth and making our self more comfortable. Are others are not human beings? These are very difficult questions to answer because we all are same.

For this it is not write to blame only rich people, a single sweater anybody can afford to donate. However the problem is that who will start it.
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