Problem of over eating

Problem of over eating
As per the Indian Ayurveda, over eating is like eating poisons. As the old texts and great scholars food is good up to time, we eat it as per the requirement and it is like a poison when we start over eating. Many people do not know it and it is a very well established and scientifically proven fact that most of diseases originate only due to excess fates in the human body especially in the stomach area.

All the present days’ diseases like cardiac problems, diabetics, ulcers have some origin link with this over eating. However the problem is that most of people are not able to pay any attentions to these facts. Only by controlling our eating habits we can control many of our problems. Still the problem is that many few people are taker of these facts. Over eating is already a big problem is developed nations like US and it has also started making us its next victim. So far we people have some time to fight back and control our eating habits.

Parents need lot of patients while dealing with their kids and also must educate them for healthy and proper eating. With out good health, it is not possible to enjoy the beauty of the world and secondly it is very difficult task to live with these chronic problems. Now the choice is ours because it is your life.
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