In which direction Indian cricket is going

It is very difficult thing to answer but one thing is right that there is some thing wrong with the Indian cricket. Today Indian cricket is seeing the bad time ever seen by it. Both the batting and bowling are out of form and therefore wins have become impossible for India. Present tour to South Africa has just added few more worries for Indian cricket. It is not the case that we are lacking with good players but the main problem is our best players are not able to perform. In simple world we can say that they have become more actors then the real rime hero’s. Almost all the players are busy in doing ads on the television and had no time for the field work or for improving their shortcomings. I am not against any ad work by the players but they should also give proper priority to their game. They should fell thankful to the cricket due to which they are getting the ads and therefore should work hard to give their best to the cricket. On the other hand, Indian cricket is also suffering from the internal politics and inefficacy of the cricket board of the India. If India wants to again achieve new heights then it should be ready for new changes and commitment from its players.

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