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Pineapples- A Fiber and Vitamin C rich Fruit

The pineapple is native to Central and South America, where a symbolic representation of it’s from were found in pre-Incan ruins. However, now Hawaii is leading producer of this fruit. Hawaii has never seen its first pineapple until the late 1700s. For the centuries pineapple has been used to symbolize hospitality. How to choose a fresh Pineapple? While choosing a fresh pineapple one should not judge it from only its color. There are several varieties in the market which range from green to golden yellow. According to experts the most useful factor in determination is smell. We should allow our noise to choose the best pineapple for us. Ripe pineapples give off a sweet and fresh smell. We should avoid pineapples with unpleasant odor or have any soft spot or area of darkness. Always preserve pineapple at room temperature. Health benefits Pineapple provides digestive aid and is a natural anti inflammatory. Fresh pineapple is rich in brome lain, group of sulfur-containing proteolyti

An amazing coincidence

The flight number of one of the planes which hit the one of two WTC towers was Q33N. An amazing is related with this number. If we type this number in Notepad/WordPad or MS Word then increase the font size to 72 and change the font to Wingdings. You will be amazed with findings. It tells us the story of destruction of WTC. It may be a confidence or a plan. It looks like Q33N

A new 15 year old Buddha

In Nepal, a new Buddha is in making. Recently a person called Ram Bahadur Bomjon from Nepal has been fasting and meditating for the last six months beneath a tree. In him, people are seeing a new Buddha. This incident has happened in the Bara district of Nepal. Thousands of pilgrims have started visiting this place. There is news that Ram has not broken his fast  even a single time .  For the last six months, he has not moved, even to relieve himself. His place is not much away from the place where the original Buddha had done his meditation. According to Ram, he does this meditation because a snake has beaten him. He is also asking people for not saying him Buddha because he is telling that he is not having the powers like Buddha.. kgw. arvindkatoch1 Read - 15-year-old Buddha to controversial Figure 

To some of my missing friends

This is a letter to some of my friends to whom with i have no contact today. I have memories of my school time. I started my study at Nehru Memorial School, Udampur up to second standard i was there(1985 to 1988). Then my father was transferred to Hoshiarpu,punjab. Up to eight class i was in Saint Andrews school. THen after i joined the Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Hoshiarpur. In my school life i have lot of friend. Very-2 few of them are in contact of my today. If any body of them is ready this letter then he can send me a mail. Then after i got admission in Govt college,Hoshiarpur(from 1995 to 1997 and 1998 to 2001). I had completed my BSc from there only. If anybody still remembers the time spend he can reply. You can send me mail through my web address.Your friend Arvind KAtoch

In Orrisa, India a Seven months old girl can be married to a Dog

For most of the world this may look an untruth. However this is a real story from Orrisa, India. Like my earlier post of selling my daughter for hundred rupees, this story is of same kind. In my parts of India still the superstitions are common. People have become blind due to them, as there own thinking is zero. In this story the girl’s father was told by the village priest that his girl was dangerous for his well being. If he wants to save his life then he must marry his daughter to a dog. Therefore father married his seven month daughter with one and half year dog. This is news has gone unnoticed except a small news in the last page of new paper. I do not what others think about it but this is sad story for me to right. Orissa is always ready with many stories of this kind. In future also we can expect new different news from Orissa. However this is sad part with India and especially Orissa that people are still living in the past.

How much I am expected to earn in March from writing?

You may be wandering why I am posting this thing here. I want to give my self a target, an open challenge. I have given many challenges for myself before but I am not able to achieve them because there was no one to look at me. By posting here I will be expected to work more on achieving it. I have divided my earning in to three categories. First categories belong to sites like, and my other blogs. The adsense ads are present on them. They are my main hope of earning. I am giving myself a target of $ 50 for the month of March. I have done this before but want to repeat it again because I have the addition of blogs and two new blogs on The second target I am giving is of $ 10 from I have to submit more new article on it. The addition of few good can do this. Third one is affiliate and Surfing programs . This is my first month of using them so I am giving a moderate target of $ 20. In total I am giving a target of

Precautions to take before traveling to a hill station

In this article I am going to share some of the precautions which should be taken before going to a hill station. These precautions are very important for people going first time to a hill station. We are going to the hill station for enjoyment and by doing a small mistake our whole journey can be spoiled. Hill stations are very good place to visit however the sudden changes in weather can create problems for us. Also with height the amount of oxygen in the air decreases. Below are few points, which are helpful in managing a good journey to hill station. 1) First and important thing is staying arrangement. It is always better to go to a hill station with pre booked accommodations. It is possible that on the same day many people may reach at that specific location and causes an accommodation problem. It is better to advance book one or two month back 2) Second thing is have a medical test if your age is more than 45 or have some kind of serious of illness. Traveling on the hill may caus

At the age of 10 she was raped and killed

Yesterday 10 year old girl from Nagpur India go to see a play in the evening. From the play she got missing. Her father complained to the police about this episode. Only in the morning police got a call from a farmer that he has seen dead body of a small girl in his field. On enquiring police found that it is the dead body of same girl which got missing in the night. Medical examination of the girl told that she was first raped and then got killed afterward. This is again a one more shocking news that a girl who has not seen any thing in life have to be got killed so brutally. The small girl must not have fully known the difference between a man and woman. Before she could be matured enough to realize this difference she is no more in this world. Thanks to selfless sex obsessed person who has become mentally retarded and does not know what he is doing. This is not the single case, there are many cases like this have happened in past and moreover these type of cases are on rise. These s

Do your feet stink?

I mostly disliked the person who has stinking feet. I always wander why people feet stink. Some one says that when people wear the shoes for long have stinking feet or those who did not wash their feet regularly have stinking feet. Wearing same socks for many days is also one of big reason against these stinking feet. At that time I was always happy that I do not have stinking feet. When I see my father stinking feet I advised him to wash his feet regularly. I thought how careless he was that he did not take care of his feet. I always blame people themselves only responsible for their stinking feet. However recently I was forced to change my thoughts. It is always very easy to point fingers towards other. Few days back I discovered that my feet have also started stinking. I blamed other for this now I have the same problem. I know the reasons behind the problem but due to the work load I have not enough time to take necessary actions. Today my feet are stinking but I am so tired that I

Police is killing people for money

According to latest information provided by the hidden camera of a News channel, the Ghaziabad Police is found to be involved in abduction and killing for money. Ghaziabad comes under the Utter Pradesh police. Uttar Pradesh is also known for its dons, terrorists and criminal. Most of the top criminals belong to uttar Pradesh. However nobody has ever thought that police will be also doing the job of criminals. This movie shouted by the news channel team shows that police men are ready to do various crimes including murder if proper money is provided. Ads by Google Advertise on this site Hurricane Coverage Hurricane Coverage: The Days After Audio Reports, Photos and Hurricane Relief Effort Help rebuild housing We rebuild on a personal Drinking Water Environment & problems Read on for important They will show this murder as an encounter. If some one is not giving your money, does not worry call U

Bird Flu has finally hit India

India is also no more away from bird flu. Bird flu has reached in India. According to news it was there for last two weeks. It only comes in to light when seven people were admitted to hospital with the symptoms similar to bird flu and thousand of hen die suddenly. Two out of these people were confirmed bird flu yesterday by the doctors. The bird flu is only restricted to Maharastra state of India. The question arises why for the two weeks no one is aware of it. This is true with India that we only come in to action when the situation becomes out of control. The state government of Maharastra gave the order of killing the entire hen in the effected area. About four lakhs of hen will be killed in next two days. About one lakh of hen were already being killed by the owners of poultry farms them self.

For pride we can kill our daughter

This is a real love story, where an Indian Punjabi girl who lives in America falls in love with a boy in Punjab through chatting. To meet her love she ran from the home and reached India to marry her love. Finally they got married and start living together. This story does not end here. Her family may be living in America but there thought process is similar like an Indian family. It is not possible for them to accept this decision of their daughter. Therefore the mother of girl hired killer in India to kill her daughter. First these killers kidnapped her and finally killed her. The boy was also got injured in this episode however he was safe. The police was able to catch the killers but they were not able to catch the mother because she was an American citizen. Now after two years this case is still pending police is trying to extradite her mother and the uncle who is also involved in this episode.

What we think about sex?

Sex-sex-sex and sex, this word is very common and may be most used word in today world. Every person knows its meaning or at least knows in which direction it points. Each individual has its own philosophy about the sex. It is the most understood and simultaneously the most misunderstood word today. Some says it is a bad word and some say it is good. Some say it openly with their friends but they will never say it in their family. This word is commonly used and also is a most restricted world. I think this will be most searched word on the In the age of 12 onwards boys start thinking about it and then after for the whole life this word goes on affecting him. The problem is that most of people are over burdened by this word. Either they are highly against it or they are highly favorable to it. The sex is the main part of human evolution without it the circle of life will stop. Because the god is wise and he wants this process to continue therefore he added lot of pleasure wi

Finally their love has an happy ending

Samir is now an owner of big oil refinery. His company has been able to establish themselves as the leading player in oil refining. All the people are very impressed by steady growth done by Samir. He has started his business as a small oil vender. Now with his hard work he is able to become an owner of biggest oil refinery of the Asia. However his personal life has seen some set backs. His wife and two small children were killed in a plane crash. Therefore he is an alone man today. His parents are forcing him to marry someone but he is denying. One day he has to visit Jamnagar where his refinery is situated. On his visit to Jamnagar he found when he was busy with his production managers then he got the message that some woman wants to meet him from a welfare organization. He decided to call her. When he turns to see her he is very surprised to she is Rekha, his college love. About her he only knows that she got married to bank officer. She told him that she is here for taking his perm

Which to choose “Path of Pleasant” or “Path of Good”?-2

There are few people who indulge in corruption to become successful in life. Some do black marketing; some do corruption and some people fool innocent people by fraudulent methods. By doing all this they earn lot of money and look like a successful man. Lord of death says to the ignorant this may seem to be a successful way to live life and thus he may attract towards it. On the other hand we may live our life on more enduring principles like honesty, mercy, love, tolerance etc and therefore can live a life of self satisfaction and inner peace. Therefore one can choose from these two paths “the path of pleasant” and “the path of Good”. In the path of good it is not necessary that it is also pleasant. There comes many times in life when this path will be very difficult and people may try to leave it. Lord of Death says those people are spiritual heroes who constantly move on the path of good. The person who is ready to face the unpleasantness and is able to leave the worldly things is t

Vedanta- A inside journey

Vedanta’s are a science in themselves. This is the science of human life. It tells us about the various laws about human achievements. It tells what life is and how we can take care of it by following the various laws of the Vedas. Today most of the religions in the world are losing their presence. They are finding it difficult to convince the present world about their relevance. There are examples of the many religions in the world, only those who are able to survive are able to take their people with them. The religions which are not able to take their people with them are no more today. Every religion’s strength is its people. The more the people are convinced of their religion more strong the religion. The Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has contributions like Vedic literature and Geeta in this world. Both of them are so famous that none of them need any introduction. Many people have misunderstood this great religion. There it is a small try to put t

Indian Wisdom

India is the country of different saints and gurus. The entire world may have one god but in India there are billion of gods exist. India is known for his varying culture. This is country where people not only pray to the god however they also pray to animals, trees and mountains. These kinds of varying beliefs will not be seen in any other country. Where as, the west has traveled towards the materialistic things, India has progressed in inward journey of self growth. Today many gurus from India have world recognition. Many people from the world travel India for the search of this peace. Some may see it as foolishness and other may respect it. However whatever the case India has very strong base in spiritual growth. By following this path one can attain lot of happiness and success in life. Most important thing is the understanding of human being and how to raise it to godhood. For the million of years many saints in India have worked on it. This is their effort that we have Veds and G

Robot ICH 2263 Loves robot STH 114

This is the story of robot ICH 2263. He works in the maintenance department New York capital of united world. This is the story of year 3156. At time most of the work is done by the robots. The robots of that time were very sophisticated and intelligent not like the robots of today. ICH 2263 was a new recruit in the maintenance department. His job was to clear the broken buildings and bridges. He was a strong robot built to do heavy things. Robots were programmed to work only. Even in 3156 robots are not supposed to have emotions. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Used ABB Robots UK Based, ship worldwide. Also ABB Spares and Valentine Robotics, Inc. Automation Training and Support Ge Fanuc Web Store Largest surplus site worldwide 500,000 items save However robot ICH 2263 was the different robot. Ones there was an earth quake in the New York and many buildings collapse. The team of robots f

It is crime to be in love with a rich woman

In Punjab it is a true story. Here certain communities will allow their girls to do everything. They allow their girls to choose their education. They allow their girls to choose their lifestyle. They allow everything except the marriage with their own chosen person. This is common trend here. Even after increasing of the literacy rate and well being in people these kinds of cases are very common. These types of incidences are mostly seen in the upper societies from highly educated and rich people. Ads by Google Advertise on this site Short Study Guide - $5.99 Guide on The Heart of a Woman Broad analysis and Relationship Horoscope Discover Your Future, Love, Fortune Reveal Your Lucky Numbers. All In Punjab it is a true story. Here certain communities will allow their girls to do everything till marriage. They allow their girls to choose their education. They allow their girls to choose their lifestyle. They allow everything exc

Who are you? (A two year long love story)

Four years back Ravi joined the college in undergraduate classes. He was a very innocent boy at that time and was very intelligent in studies. However he had remained a fearful boy for his life. His parents had developed him in this way. Mostly he was avoided to do many things in life. He was avoided the childhood which was given to the most of children. All this had made him a person with very low self esteem and confidence level. Although he was a very friendly and a good human being but because of his tendency of staying alone and not taking fast decisions he always remain a backward boy. Due to his these abilities many guys of fewer calibers than him got ahead of him. Now it is new life for Ravi, it was his first year in the college. He enjoyed the first year in college and got good marks in the study. His nature allows him to have very few selected friends and the chances of girl friends are very less. Even some girls tried to be friend with him but he never gave them any attentio

Love story of a blogger

Tom was blogging for quite a long time. His blog specializes in the love affairs of others. He gives suggestion to the people for improving their love relations. Therefore his blog is a big hit and everyday many people visit his blog. However his life was without love. He was married to Suzan 4 years back. There relation only left for two years. They have love marriage still they were not satisfied with each and therefore decided to separate from each other. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Free Scientific Matching Get Premium Quality Matchmaking Free as Part of True Love Valentine Love Rose Purely Handcrafted Glass rose symbol of purity, love and Cupids Sweet Heart Online Dating made easy Join now for immediate free Find True Love Online UK View 1000's of Picture Personals. Online Dating, Find Love & Now he lives alone for last two years. Sometimes in a year his

A smart fool

A smart fool is a person who is very intelligent, however still he do some silly mistakes. This kind of person have very smart mind. He plays with the other peoples minds. They are very smart in clearing their own ways and creating good opportunity for them self. They are so smart that they say a thing in their favor and that they are like slow poisons for their enemies. They plan their strategies well in advance. They have always plans ready for the future. They win fights by slowly weakening their enemies. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Read and Control Minds Advanced mind control and telepathic mind reading Who Is Uncle Big Bucks? It's Benito Palmarini also known by experts as worlds smartest They most of the time remain successful in it. The problem starts coming when they feel that they are smartest person on this world. Then suddenly they do some mistake or come in the trap of other smart man. Mainly pro

Last month is a very hard for me. I have to go through self evaluation for myself. I have to see what I have achieved in writing and what I want to achieve. There are some places in writing where I have improved. I knew myself four months back when I do not know much about writing. I do not have the confidence in my writing. I have improved in confidence point of view. Now I am able to put my views more comfortable way. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site AdSense Secrets Revealed Adsense Tycoon Reveals his Secret Weapon for Making Millions Weird AdSense Tricks Share my Experiments as The AdSense Insider. Free info. Create Your Free Blog Now Sign up in 3 easy steps for ad-free, simple blogging! Make money with your feed Turn your RSS into revenue in less than 5 minutes! However, the main concern at present is not able to achieve any distinction in my writing. The writing is not able support me in bi

We beggars are united

Two days back when I was crossing through the market, then I saw a new way of begging. A group of 9-10 beggars were begging collectedly. The main thing was that they were not begging separately. They all were begging for the group. They all were moving in a group. Each beggar had put his hand on the shoulder of another beggar. They were all singing the same song. They were moving from one shop to another. This group contains beggars of all ages and with all limitations. Some of them did not have one arm and some others did not have eyes. This group was in real terms a supporting group. The advantage of the group was that they mostly get the money from each shop. Otherwise, if they would have gone alone then most of the shopkeepers had not given them anything. This was a good and wise strategy by poor beggars. In this world where each person is trying to cheat the other, these kinds of examples are really a good site to see. If these beggars who are not educated and do not have much kno

From the window of my house

I love this window because my many beautiful memories are associated with it. I still remember when I was a small child, how I see the world through it. I always try to look across it down the hills. I see the sun set through it. I always see the window directing me towards the unknown world. The story I am telling you is from my village house. I have spent the day of childhood in this house. This house is situated in Himanchal Pradesh state of India. It comes under the kangra district and baijnath tehshil. The name of the village is kanarag. Ads by Google New Exciting Biz Opp Fully automated payments to you Making money does not get easier Advertise on this site My father, my grandfather all had spent their life in this house. This house has seen lot of good and bad situations. It has always stood with us in the journey of life. Our house faces towards the east and there is window in south direction in it. This window is situated in the kitchen therefore everyday w

I am selling my daughter for hundred rupees

This is a true story from Orrisa State of India, where a woman was caught on camera selling one of her twin daughter for just 100 rupees ($2.5) Below is fictional presentation of this episode. I am Rubina (name changed). I live in Orrisa India; it is one of poorest state of India. Every year many people die here because of hunger. Last year many people die here because of consuming poisoned seeds from forest due to the lack of anything to eat. What we can do when we have no option. We are going to die anyway. We listened that India is progressing; people are becoming richer. Now world take the name of India with more respect. I am happy that we Indians are able to show our strength to the world. However, many states of India have not developed like the riches states of India. My state is so poor that we sell children for few rupees. Where other rich people children are studying in the good school, our children start doing jobs in their home. How my state can progress, if its children a

Sun says stars are happy, Stars say sky is happy

Sun says stars are happy, stars say sky is happy, sky says earth is happy, earth says the mountain is happy, mountain says the cloud; cloud says the sea is happy. These lines have the similar story of many of us. Every one is looking on the either and believing that he is happy. The poor are thinking that rich are happy and rich are thinking poor are happy. The thin is thinking fat is happy the fat is thinking the thin is happy. Married is thinking the unmarried is happy and unmarried is thinking married is happy. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Multiple Stream of income Online money making opportunity Free affiliate Need to make extra money? Start earning money in 15 minutes Get financial freedom from Make Money from Home Learn how to make money online. Earn £200-£800 Every Day $500.00 Per Day Online cash-flow secrets of Online cash-flow secrets This is

Mystic Bath

Many mystics and old documents have told about it. It is being used as a best way to reduce stress. Some also use it as way of meditation. Today’s life is highly stressful and in this time mystic bath can help us in reducing our stress and making us radiant. This is only a simple way of performing the bath with extraordinary experience. If we involve mediation in bath then a simple bath can become a mysterious. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Teen Stress Get the facts on teen stress with our evidence-based Get Cure For Your Anxiety Simple Powerful For Panic, Anxiety Bipolar, Depression and More! Stress And Anxiety Tips and information about Stress And Anxiety Panic Attacks A new trick to end panic attacks before they can begin! It provides us the way to feel and talk to our body. It provides the chance of relaxation to every part of body. Not many expenses are associated with t

Great Devine Love

To get this truth is really a great hard task. However once the person comes in the shadow of it his whole life changes like a miracle. To develop this love for the divine power is a simple and continues exercise. Initially it may look difficult to walk in this direction and many people leave this in the middle because they are fearful of going on it. Only the people who are fearless and have great desire to find this power are successful in this path. Great divine is great in many ways. He reciprocates in many big ways then we do. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Earn $1,000/Day Earn it in the next 15 mins Limited Positions Make Money at Home Typing Simple Ads Online! Full Training Provided. How To Make Money Free Club - work from home, earn super cash, start earning Earn $8354 Weekly Online Process Emails From Home. Earn $5.00- $25.00 Per Email. If we go one step

The story of a room

I am a small room in a big house. I am situated in the back of house. My house is located in the heart of city. This house is known for its beauty. I am fortunate that I am part of this house. I am basically made for giving on rent. I have seen many people coming and going in me. Some of them are my favorite and some I don’t like. I have their memories with them. Ads by Google Advertise on this site How to Earn lots of Cash Automatic System to Make Fast Cash. Start to make money in No Recruiting Necessary Join the ultimate online business And earn a totally passive Make money at home Earn cash in your spare time. No special skills needed. Profitable work from home return calls! No selling, no MLM Conference call will do it for Now this house is growing old and with him me also. People who claim in the world that they are pride owners of this house are grown old

Life of challenges

Life of challenges is a try to look in to the challenges faced in life. Life is full of many colors. Sometimes it is hard and some times it is soft. It offers everything to us and it depends on us that which thing we choose. We can enjoy the happy moments and can face the difficult movements with dedications. Most of the difficult situations are not as difficult as thought if taken care with proper wisdom and planning. Ads by Goooooogle Advertise on this site Earn Money Blog Learn how you can earn money by blogging. Put AdSense on your blog! Adsense Profit Package Increase Your Adsense Earnings and Cash in To The Adsense Do You Have a Website? Do you Earn Money with it? What if U had 40 Content Websites? Free Multi-User Blogs Create your own multi-user blog community. It's easy and it's free! The thing which is most important in facing the challenges of life is confidence. The result of the si