A smart fool

A smart fool is a person who is very intelligent, however still he do some silly mistakes. This kind of person have very smart mind. He plays with the other peoples minds. They are very smart in clearing their own ways and creating good opportunity for them self. They are so smart that they say a thing in their favor and that they are like slow poisons for their enemies. They plan their strategies well in advance. They have always plans ready for the future. They win fights by slowly weakening their enemies.

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They most of the time remain successful in it. The problem starts coming when they feel that they are smartest person on this world. Then suddenly they do some mistake or come in the trap of other smart man. Mainly problems come because of the wide knowledge available in this world. There is so much knowledge available in this world that we can never get all the knowledge. Some people got some of this knowledge and starts thinking that they are the smartest people on this world.
However they never realize that there is present other side of coin also. The one thing which is true in some circumstances is also false in other circumstances. Some things are true verbally, however false when in written. Therefore many people who by knowing some of these knowledge starts thinking them selves as the smartest man on this world. When situation changes their direction in other direction then these people are the most fool on the earth. We should always be aware of this wisdom in life and fight both ups and downs bravely.
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