Which to choose “Path of Pleasant” or “Path of Good”?-2

There are few people who indulge in corruption to become successful in life. Some do black marketing; some do corruption and some people fool innocent people by fraudulent methods. By doing all this they earn lot of money and look like a successful man. Lord of death says to the ignorant this may seem to be a successful way to live life and thus he may attract towards it. On the other hand we may live our life on more enduring principles like honesty, mercy, love, tolerance etc and therefore can live a life of self satisfaction and inner peace.

Therefore one can choose from these two paths “the path of pleasant” and “the path of Good”. In the path of good it is not necessary that it is also pleasant. There comes many times in life when this path will be very difficult and people may try to leave it. Lord of Death says those people are spiritual heroes who constantly move on the path of good. The person who is ready to face the unpleasantness and is able to leave the worldly things is the one who reaches the sate of true joy.

According to god of death intelligent man is who very wisely chooses the path of life, after judging the various challenges in life. He never in life moves away from his chosen path. By doing so he reaches the ultimate goal of his life and fulfills the mission of his life. The ignorant man lives life like a mule. He follows the general people and chooses the path of least resistance. This is only his animal urge which guides him in this direction. He follows the path of pleasant and suffers in latter life. He is usually get motivated by the desire of sense organs and ultimately land up to commit sins. Therefore for his whole life he remains in a lower state of evolution.

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