Finally their love has an happy ending

Samir is now an owner of big oil refinery. His company has been able to establish themselves as the leading player in oil refining. All the people are very impressed by steady growth done by Samir. He has started his business as a small oil vender. Now with his hard work he is able to become an owner of biggest oil refinery of the Asia. However his personal life has seen some set backs. His wife and two small children were killed in a plane crash. Therefore he is an alone man today. His parents are forcing him to marry someone but he is denying.
One day he has to visit Jamnagar where his refinery is situated. On his visit to Jamnagar he found when he was busy with his production managers then he got the message that some woman wants to meet him from a welfare organization. He decided to call her. When he turns to see her he is very surprised to she is Rekha, his college love. About her he only knows that she got married to bank officer. She told him that she is here for taking his permission for starting welfare work for the workers of his refinery. He invited her for tea and assured to discuses the issue at that time.
When they were taking the tea Samir was remembering days spend with Rekha. He has never thought that they will meet again. He asked rekha about her husband. Her face become pale and she replied slowly that her husband and kid died last year due to malaria. Samir felt very sad to the rekha and adviced her to have courage. He allowed rekha to start her work in the refinery area and assured all kind of help to her. With in few days rekha’s organization is able to do a wonderful work in the area of health and sanitation in the area. Which become quite helpful in increasing workers moral. With the help of Samir Rekha’s organization is able to set up a free dispansry in the area.
However all this again give the chance to Samir and Rekha to come together. For times they just forget what they are and again back into past. Finally it comes the time to finish the project. Therefore Rekha come to Samir for saying him goodbye. But Samir does not want to lose her again, so he proposed Rekha for marrying him. Rekha also wants to marry him but she is worried about what people will say because the marriage of widows is not looked right in India. Samir assured her that he did not care about the world and ready to marry her. Samir asked for the approval of his and her parents. Being modern in thinking and looking for the better future of their kids they both allow the marriage of samir and rekha. Finally they are able live together.
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