In Orrisa, India a Seven months old girl can be married to a Dog

For most of the world this may look an untruth. However this is a real story from Orrisa, India. Like my earlier post of selling my daughter for hundred rupees, this story is of same kind. In my parts of India still the superstitions are common. People have become blind due to them, as there own thinking is zero. In this story the girl’s father was told by the village priest that his girl was dangerous for his well being. If he wants to save his life then he must marry his daughter to a dog. Therefore father married his seven month daughter with one and half year dog. This is news has gone unnoticed except a small news in the last page of new paper. I do not what others think about it but this is sad story for me to right. Orissa is always ready with many stories of this kind. In future also we can expect new different news from Orissa. However this is sad part with India and especially Orissa that people are still living in the past.
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