Mystic Bath

Many mystics and old documents have told about it. It is being used as a best way to reduce stress. Some also use it as way of meditation. Today’s life is highly stressful and in this time mystic bath can help us in reducing our stress and making us radiant. This is only a simple way of performing the bath with extraordinary experience. If we involve mediation in bath then a simple bath can become a mysterious.
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It provides us the way to feel and talk to our body. It provides the chance of relaxation to every part of body. Not many expenses are associated with this bath. It is only the experience of person and involvement of meditation in it. Body is an important part of us and as long as we are living we can not avoid her. A small problem in the body can make our life hell. If we have coordination with our body then we can enjoy this world more.

For performing this mystic bath we require a half bucket full of hot water. Dilute this water with cold water up to time it becomes relaxing to body. Make your body as relax as you can. Make your brain totally free of any nonsense. Take water in the cup and slowely-2 pore it on your body. Try to see the reaction of that part of body, try to talk to it. Repeat this process with slow poring of water on body. Feel like that this water is full of love which you are giving to your body. Feel that water is mysterious and it can kill the diseases of your body.

You feel a rhythm is established between you and our body. Slowly- 2 the whole body will start talking to you. Mystic bath can help us in becoming one with our body. Mystic bath is free for every one and anyone can perform it. This is the art of many of mystics, which is now available to us. Therefore we can take its help in making coordination with our body.
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