Do your feet stink?

I mostly disliked the person who has stinking feet. I always wander why people feet stink. Some one says that when people wear the shoes for long have stinking feet or those who did not wash their feet regularly have stinking feet. Wearing same socks for many days is also one of big reason against these stinking feet. At that time I was always happy that I do not have stinking feet. When I see my father stinking feet I advised him to wash his feet regularly. I thought how careless he was that he did not take care of his feet. I always blame people themselves only responsible for their stinking feet. However recently I was forced to change my thoughts. It is always very easy to point fingers towards other. Few days back I discovered that my feet have also started stinking. I blamed other for this now I have the same problem. I know the reasons behind the problem but due to the work load I have not enough time to take necessary actions. Today my feet are stinking but I am so tired that I can not even thing about washing them. I have also become same human being with stinking feet.
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