The story of a room

I am a small room in a big house. I am situated in the back of house. My house is located in the heart of city. This house is known for its beauty. I am fortunate that I am part of this house. I am basically made for giving on rent. I have seen many people coming and going in me. Some of them are my favorite and some I don’t like. I have their memories with them.

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Now this house is growing old and with him me also. People who claim in the world that they are pride owners of this house are grown old or dead. Only madam who is old woman in eights lives in this house. There have come many new buildings around me. They are more beautiful and tall than this house. Pollution and noise level have increased to non hearable level still I am happy.

I have good memories with me. I have seen many families growing up in this room. I have lived life with them. I was happy with them and sad with them also. I still remember the small girl lovlen who lived with her parents in this room. Her parents have come to this city for treatment of lovlen. She was suffering from blood cancer. In their town the proper facilities for treatment were not available.

I want to ask to god how he can do this to small girl like lovlen. She was a good girl. She talks to me and make painting on me. I like when she touches me. I still remember when last time she left this room. She was seeing me. That was the very difficult time for me. After one month I got the news that she dead in the hospital. It looked to me as I have dead. I also have the memories of rajan and rita. These newly married couple was very sweet.

They have left their parents for marring each other. I like them when they love each and I also enjoy their small fights. I also remember the rohan. He had come for study in this town. He was a very silent boy. He goes on reading all the time. Now he is big officer in government. Life is good journey. The house adjacent to us was also similar to us. However recently it was broken to make a new high building. People also say that my house will be broken in few years to make new building.
On that day I will die with my house and with all my memories.
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