What we think about sex?

Sex-sex-sex and sex, this word is very common and may be most used word in today world. Every person knows its meaning or at least knows in which direction it points. Each individual has its own philosophy about the sex. It is the most understood and simultaneously the most misunderstood word today. Some says it is a bad word and some say it is good. Some say it openly with their friends but they will never say it in their family. This word is commonly used and also is a most restricted world.

I think this will be most searched word on the google.com. In the age of 12 onwards boys start thinking about it and then after for the whole life this word goes on affecting him. The problem is that most of people are over burdened by this word. Either they are highly against it or they are highly favorable to it. The sex is the main part of human evolution without it the circle of life will stop. Because the god is wise and he wants this process to continue therefore he added lot of pleasure with sex.

Even from a small age a person starts experiencing it. Some people who are not able to control the pleasure of sex become over excited about it. Many people are found to do wrong things like rape and torture to others due to this uncontrolled sex pleasure. They are so much in the control of this sex pleasure that they even go to destroy some one life. What ever we say in sex we are still same to animals. In other things we have grown and become matured human being but the sexual behavior is still comparable to animals.

Even the people thousands year back in India are matured enough about the sex. That’s why they able to write kamasutra and able to made a temple dedicated to god of sex. Sex is not a shameful word. It is very well associated with our lives and we are not doing any crime if we are discussing it. As a human being of twentieth century we require a controlled and matured sexual behavior which is not harmful to others. In India it is still a crime to talk about sex. Due to this many people live with lot of fantasies about it and spoil their lives.

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