Vedanta- A inside journey

Vedanta’s are a science in themselves. This is the science of human life. It tells us about the various laws about human achievements. It tells what life is and how we can take care of it by following the various laws of the Vedas. Today most of the religions in the world are losing their presence. They are finding it difficult to convince the present world about their relevance. There are examples of the many religions in the world, only those who are able to survive are able to take their people with them. The religions which are not able to take their people with them are no more today.

Every religion’s strength is its people. The more the people are convinced of their religion more strong the religion. The Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has contributions like Vedic literature and Geeta in this world. Both of them are so famous that none of them need any introduction. Many people have misunderstood this great religion. There it is a small try to put the views and wisdom of the Hindu religion in front of you. First of all, I am going to start with Vedic science and try to put its wisdom in front of you. Just follow a few of them and see the difference in your life. The first article will cover the path required to be followed in this world. The Path of Pleasant or The Path of GOOD.
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