How much I am expected to earn in March from writing?

You may be wandering why I am posting this thing here. I want to give my self a target, an open challenge. I have given many challenges for myself before but I am not able to achieve them because there was no one to look at me. By posting here I will be expected to work more on achieving it. I have divided my earning in to three categories. First categories belong to sites like, and my other blogs. The adsense ads are present on them. They are my main hope of earning. I am giving myself a target of $ 50 for the month of March. I have done this before but want to repeat it again because I have the addition of blogs and two new blogs on The second target I am giving is of $ 10 from I have to submit more new article on it. The addition of few good can do this. Third one is affiliate and Surfing programs . This is my first month of using them so I am giving a moderate target of $ 20. In total I am giving a target of $ 80 for myself. For many it will not be a big thing. But this will be a good achievement for me and first time I will earn $ 80 or more. I have seen that targets have the potential to increase our potential. In five month of writing career I will be first time giving a target to myself. On 2nd of April I will review my achievement and share with you.

Target- $ 80
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