I am selling my daughter for hundred rupees

This is a true story from Orrisa State of India, where a woman was caught on camera selling one of her twin daughter for just 100 rupees ($2.5) Below is fictional presentation of this episode.

I am Rubina (name changed). I live in Orrisa India; it is one of poorest state of India. Every year many people die here because of hunger. Last year many people die here because of consuming poisoned seeds from forest due to the lack of anything to eat. What we can do when we have no option. We are going to die anyway. We listened that India is progressing; people are becoming richer. Now world take the name of India with more respect. I am happy that we Indians are able to show our strength to the world.

However, many states of India have not developed like the riches states of India. My state is so poor that we sell children for few rupees. Where other rich people children are studying in the good school, our children start doing jobs in their home. How my state can progress, if its children are not educated. Government do lot of announcements for us, however we do not get anything. We are still the same people, who fight every day with the hunger and death?

Last month I have given birth to two twin daughters. Now I have decided to sell one of them. I love my both daughters. But I do not have money for feeding both of them. I have to sacrifice one of them for saving the other. Please help me if you can get me few more rupees for my daughters because these people do not give enough money. You may be saying how a mother can do this, but I cannot see dying both of them in front of me. I pray to god that he should not do this to other children.

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