Robot ICH 2263 Loves robot STH 114

This is the story of robot ICH 2263. He works in the maintenance department New York capital of united world. This is the story of year 3156. At time most of the work is done by the robots. The robots of that time were very sophisticated and intelligent not like the robots of today. ICH 2263 was a new recruit in the maintenance department. His job was to clear the broken buildings and bridges. He was a strong robot built to do heavy things. Robots were programmed to work only. Even in 3156 robots are not supposed to have emotions.

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However robot ICH 2263 was the different robot. Ones there was an earth quake in the New York and many buildings collapse. The team of robots from maintenance department was sot to clear the broken buildings. Our robot ICH 2263 was also among them. When he was clearing the one building he listen the voice of some one. He goes near to it, there finds a robot under the wall. The robot was unable to make her self free. She was STH 114 robot for house keeping. Because they do the do the houses jobs therefore there attributes were made like females.

The robots of maintenance had instructions to pick any these kinds of robots and send them for destruction. However the robot ICH had never seen a robot from house keeping department. He found a strange desire emerging for her. He helped her in coming out of the wall and helped her in walking. This was the greatest movement in his life. He had never listened so sweet voice before. The garbage of concretes looks like a romantic spot to him. She told him that she was here for two day and they had come to save humans but nobody came for her. She had saved the life of small kids by stopping wall falling on them.

She feels happy that she has done the job for which she was made. Her one hand was broken completely and one leg was broken partially. He took her to the side of city which was already clean and there was no one to see them. For few hours they sat under the sky and shared their lives. Suddenly she started getting trimmers and faints. He did not know what to do about it. He took her to the robot workshop. There he gave her at the window and told them to repair her. They took her and told him to go. After few days he again goes to the robot workshop and inquired about her. The robot at the reception told him that she was disabled and thrown because the company has decided to introduce a new series. The robot ICH turned from their and reached the place where he had spent the time with her. He felt like dizziness in his eyes. On enquire he found that these are water drops and thought it must be malfunction in his eyes.
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