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Last month is a very hard for me. I have to go through self evaluation for myself. I have to see what I have achieved in writing and what I want to achieve. There are some places in writing where I have improved. I knew myself four months back when I do not know much about writing. I do not have the confidence in my writing. I have improved in confidence point of view. Now I am able to put my views more comfortable way.

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However, the main concern at present is not able to achieve any distinction in my writing. The writing is not able support me in big way. Some positive signs are there and slowly I am moving in positive direction. However the speed is very slow. Pressure from the other parts of life is reducing my time for writing. Now I am not able to contribute much in writing. If my writing fails to contribute in my life then chances of losing my concentration on it are more.
I have come across many people like me. They also have same experience like me. Writing looks a very simple market; however it is still a very competitive market. It is a hard game to establish oneself as a great writer. Writing for money is the second thing which attracts many. However it is again a great task. My experience tells that is not as easy to earn money from writing. The blogging provides some exposure for writers. Still they are not up to expectation.
For becoming a successful writer we are required to put a really hard work and great command on writing. We should also be able to market ourselves well. A writing experience for magazine or news paper is a good option.
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