Love story of a blogger

Tom was blogging for quite a long time. His blog specializes in the love affairs of others. He gives suggestion to the people for improving their love relations. Therefore his blog is a big hit and everyday many people visit his blog. However his life was without love. He was married to Suzan 4 years back. There relation only left for two years. They have love marriage still they were not satisfied with each and therefore decided to separate from each other.

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Now he lives alone for last two years. Sometimes in a year his parents visit him, however most of the time he is alone. In the big city of New York he finds himself alone. In the morning he do editing job with private magazine firm. In the evening and late nights he was mostly busy with problems of others. His suggestions are highly sot after thing on the net for love affairs. If some one has to purpose a girl then he comes to him, if some has to harmonize their bad relations then he also comes to him.
However his own love life is not fulfilled, his inner desire for a soul friend was still there. One day when was checking his block, a comment attracts his attention. The comment is saying “I Love u”. He decided to ignore it. To his surprise these comments become a routine. The commenter was not providing any link for himself. This thing gets continued for three months then one day he finds a link attached to the comment. He pressed the link. The link took him to a site of 25 year old girl. The whole site is full of memories about the Tom.
This made Tom surprised that how some one could know so much about him and who is this girl. He sent the message to the email address provided on the site. He sent her message to meet him. The reply to his mail comes. She called him to meet at the city park. He reached the park at the told time. He waited there for fifteen minutes but no one came. After more five minutes he says a girl in white dress coming to him. In the sun light her whole dress was radiating. He was surprised to see that it was his old wife. She comes near to him and started weeping in his arms.
She was angry with herself for leaving him. She told him when she was alone for two years then she got the chance to read his blog on love relations. By reading his blog she was able to change her views about their relation and now she again want to continue with him. Tom also told that he was unnecessary hard at some times and now he will be more understanding. There after they lived happily and Tom started a new blog on how to grow children.
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