From the window of my house

I love this window because my many beautiful memories are associated with it. I still remember when I was a small child, how I see the world through it. I always try to look across it down the hills. I see the sun set through it. I always see the window directing me towards the unknown world. The story I am telling you is from my village house. I have spent the day of childhood in this house. This house is situated in Himanchal Pradesh state of India. It comes under the kangra district and baijnath tehshil. The name of the village is kanarag.

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My father, my grandfather all had spent their life in this house. This house has seen lot of good and bad situations. It has always stood with us in the journey of life. Our house faces towards the east and there is window in south direction in it. This window is situated in the kitchen therefore everyday we see through it. Our house situated in the middle of hills. The window directs towards the open land and one can see very far away through it. On the backside of window there are only hills. When ever I see through this window it always fascinates me towards the unending world.

It tells me that this world is a big journey. Through it I am not able to see any end of the world. The world looks unending to me. I like this because now I feel like this also. World is a big and continuous journey still it is never finishing. We may reach at any height in life this window always gives the same message to anyone that they have more unknown ways to travel. Life is an unending journey. More we become wise and more we travel towards the unknown still mostly we are nowhere. The window is telling me the same message which it tells me 20 years back that I am nowhere in getting the mysterious experience of creator.
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