Who are you? (A two year long love story)

Four years back Ravi joined the college in undergraduate classes. He was a very innocent boy at that time and was very intelligent in studies. However he had remained a fearful boy for his life. His parents had developed him in this way. Mostly he was avoided to do many things in life. He was avoided the childhood which was given to the most of children. All this had made him a person with very low self esteem and confidence level. Although he was a very friendly and a good human being but because of his tendency of staying alone and not taking fast decisions he always remain a backward boy.

Due to his these abilities many guys of fewer calibers than him got ahead of him. Now it is new life for Ravi, it was his first year in the college. He enjoyed the first year in college and got good marks in the study. His nature allows him to have very few selected friends and the chances of girl friends are very less. Even some girls tried to be friend with him but he never gave them any attention. For Second years also his aim was to only focus on his studies and secure a good job for himself. Only two weeks of college started he was moving in the college corridor with his friend. That time the admissions for first year were going on.

Suddenly he saw a beautiful face in front of him. He had never seen a beautiful girl like this before. This was like a first sight love for him. Before he could see her more she disappears in the crowd. More two week passed, one day he was going to attend his lectures, suddenly he saw her coming out of the same room. On inquiring he got the information this was in BA first year class. He was very happy; he wanted to share this with some one. He decided to tell about this to his friend. Before he could tell anything to his friend, his friend showed him the same girl and told that he likes her.

This was again a similar situation in his life. He was like before again late. He decided to shot his month and decided to close this chapter. However the luck has something different stored for him. The girl started showing interest in him. There classes where mostly in the same room. There he good lot of chance to see her. The girl started giving him smile and passing comments to him. All this had a magical attraction for him and he started loving her but because of his nature he was not able to tell this to any one. The girl was beautiful girl of college; therefore many boys were behind her. When he saw many boys going to propose her and getting no as reply, this makes him more nervous.

Second year passes as such. He remained in indecisive mode and due which he suffered in his exams also. First time in his life he got second division against the all first divisions. Third year come, this year had more pressure on him, as he has to clear the entrance exams for securing a good job or higher studies. He decided to forget her and concentrate on his studies. For six month he was able to do this. It was only left three months for completing his graduation. This situation got him in lot of dilemma to what to do about his unsaid relation. He at least wanted to convey her feelings. He tried many ways like writing a love letter or trying to send the message through some one else.
What when everything failed he decided to tell her straight way. One day after finishing his lectures he found her standing outside the room. Against her nature he reached near her and called her. When she turned to his side, he got nervous and forgets what he wants to tell. The girl asked him who is he? And what he wants? But he was blank in his thoughts. In the main time girl started making laugh of him and showing her win over him. She was feeling very happy in seeing him in this position. All this make a sudden movement in his thoughts and decided to close this conversation there and left the site. He never looked back for her again and concentrated on his studies afterwards
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