Sun says stars are happy, Stars say sky is happy

Sun says stars are happy, stars say sky is happy, sky says earth is happy, earth says the mountain is happy, mountain says the cloud; cloud says the sea is happy. These lines have the similar story of many of us. Every one is looking on the either and believing that he is happy. The poor are thinking that rich are happy and rich are thinking poor are happy. The thin is thinking fat is happy the fat is thinking the thin is happy. Married is thinking the unmarried is happy and unmarried is thinking married is happy.

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This is the story of all of us. We are feeling that we are most unhappy people on this earth. There is small story of a person who thinks that he was the unhappy person on this earth, so he always curses the god for making him unhappy. One day the god after seeing all this told him to make the bundle of his unhappiness. He told him to come to a place where all other people will come with their bundles of unhappiness. God told him that he can choose from the other small bundles.

The person made the bundle of his unhappiness and reached at the specific place. He decided to pick the smallest bundle for him self. At the specific time all the people places their bundles on the ground. To the surprise of the person his bundles was the smallest. All the other people run toward his bundle. He got it very difficult to save his own bundle. At the end he lost his bundle and has to compromise with the bigger bundle. To some extent we all are doing the same thing.

We all are running towards the bundles of others and forgetting about our own. Every one has some problems in this world. Some have money but do not have the health. Some have food but do not have teeth to eat them. The moral is that we should not worry about the difficulties or the things which we do not have. However should concentrate on the thing which we have and can enjoy. These small things can create a lot of difference in our life.
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