Indian Wisdom

India is the country of different saints and gurus. The entire world may have one god but in India there are billion of gods exist. India is known for his varying culture. This is country where people not only pray to the god however they also pray to animals, trees and mountains. These kinds of varying beliefs will not be seen in any other country. Where as, the west has traveled towards the materialistic things, India has progressed in inward journey of self growth. Today many gurus from India have world recognition. Many people from the world travel India for the search of this peace.
Some may see it as foolishness and other may respect it. However whatever the case India has very strong base in spiritual growth. By following this path one can attain lot of happiness and success in life. Most important thing is the understanding of human being and how to raise it to godhood. For the million of years many saints in India have worked on it. This is their effort that we have Veds and Geeta. Whole of human life is so well defined in them that one can become master of himself if he read them.
It is more important to understand them then to read them. Many people read them but very few are able to understand their meanings. Even in a small two line whole story of life may be written. Therefore it is mostly advised to learn them from a Guru i.e. a person who thoroughly knows them. Expect this there are real time gurus in India like Osho and Chinmayanada. They have also put lot of light on the human life and showed us the way to enrich our life. From today I will try to write about various Indian wisdoms for the better understanding of myself and if needed for the help of others. First of all I will start with the Vedanta and its wisdom and knowledge to mankind.
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