Great Devine Love

To get this truth is really a great hard task. However once the person comes in the shadow of it his whole life changes like a miracle. To develop this love for the divine power is a simple and continues exercise. Initially it may look difficult to walk in this direction and many people leave this in the middle because they are fearful of going on it. Only the people who are fearless and have great desire to find this power are successful in this path. Great divine is great in many ways. He reciprocates in many big ways then we do.

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If we go one step in his direction then he comes four steps in our direction. All the religion in this world directs us towards him. He is the supreme power in this world. If we believe then he is everything and if do not believe then he nothing. For some he is everything and for some he is nothing. Some say him Allah, Jesus, Ram or Brahma etc. Every one is coming from him and going back in him. He is never away from us. He remains always with us, inside us.
Therefore we should never make fool of other because we are making fool of him only, when he makes fool of us then we no direction to run. There have come many saints in this world like Guru Nanak Dev and Sai Baba who have sacrificed their life for the benefits of others and got the position near to him. We human beings can raise our self up to his level or can make us lower than what we are. It is on us what we want to make our self.
What divine love will be reserved for only one who has love for everyone? This is the basic criteria for getting his love without it we can not accept his love.
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