Police is killing people for money

According to latest information provided by the hidden camera of a News channel, the Ghaziabad Police is found to be involved in abduction and killing for money. Ghaziabad comes under the Utter Pradesh police. Uttar Pradesh is also known for its dons, terrorists and criminal. Most of the top criminals belong to uttar Pradesh. However nobody has ever thought that police will be also doing the job of criminals. This movie shouted by the news channel team shows that police men are ready to do various crimes including murder if proper money is provided.

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They will show this murder as an encounter. If some one is not giving your money, does not worry call Uttar Pradesh police they will do this for you. Only they ask is some percentage of money. Now people have no need to higher criminals because police is also doing the same job. May be it is a drive of police to eliminate crime. When the criminals have no job, what they will do? Jokes are apart but the reality is really a shocking. Police is made to save people from crimes and if police starts doing all this then who will save the innocent masses.
The other major concern is that Ghaziabad is very adjacent to New Delhi capital of India. Ghaziabad is not safe then what we think about the safety of Delhi people. This may be the reason that crime rate on the Delhi and UP border is on rise. Again I will say this is an alarming bell if the state police start involving in the crimes. State government is required to do some thing on this issue very fast before the situation is out of control.
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