We beggars are united

Two day back when I was crossing through the market, then I saw a new way of begging. A group of 9-10 beggars were begging collectedly. The main thing was that they were not begging separately. They all were begging for the group. They all were moving in a group. Each beggar had put his hand on the shoulder of other beggar. They were all singing the same song. They were moving from one shop to other.

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This group contains beggars of all age and with all limitations. Some of them did not have one arm and some other did not have eyes. This group was in real term a supporting group. The advantage of the group was that they mostly get the money from each shop. Otherwise if they would have gone alone then most of the shopkeepers had not given them anything. This was a good and wise strategy by poor beggars.

In this world where each person is trying to cheat the other, these kinds of examples are really a good site to see. If these beggars who are not educated and does not have much knowledge can unit then why not we? If they can come to help each other and achieving the goal of group then why cannot we help each other? Unity is always a power; those people who are united always remain in an advantage then those who are not united. These beggars may be travelling in the market everyday; however there will be very few people who will take the wisdom of unity from these beggars.

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