At the age of 10 she was raped and killed

Yesterday 10 year old girl from Nagpur India go to see a play in the evening. From the play she got missing. Her father complained to the police about this episode. Only in the morning police got a call from a farmer that he has seen dead body of a small girl in his field. On enquiring police found that it is the dead body of same girl which got missing in the night. Medical examination of the girl told that she was first raped and then got killed afterward. This is again a one more shocking news that a girl who has not seen any thing in life have to be got killed so brutally. The small girl must not have fully known the difference between a man and woman. Before she could be matured enough to realize this difference she is no more in this world. Thanks to selfless sex obsessed person who has become mentally retarded and does not know what he is doing. This is not the single case, there are many cases like this have happened in past and moreover these type of cases are on rise. These small innocent girls are no safer today. They become the easy target of these criminals. The major concern is that the criminal is not from the outer world but they are present inside our life. They look similar to use. By seeing their face only, nobody can think what they are? These all degradations in values are due to increasing pressure of life and frustration. God knows how many more innocent girls have the same fate. We can only see this all happening because for rectifying it we have to change the whole structure of world. This is not an easy task in today’s circumstances of world.
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