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Nature Love

Last August I got a chance to see nature closely. Today we are living in cities and got very less chance to see the nature in its beauty. We are so busy in day to day life that we forget that a few kilometers away nature has some thing stored for us. Month of August is usually a hot and rainy month in India. Monsoons start rain heavily in this month. Monsoon is a cloudy movement from sea to the upper part of India, this phenomenon happens in July-August of every month. This is the incident of 23 August. This day was clean from clouds unlike other days. I got the chance to move to other city. The city was 45 KM from my town. However the road to that city passes through fields and ponds. All this provides a good and free atmosphere to see. This was my first journey on this road. While crossing the road I realized that a small turtle is trying to cross the road. He was quite small in size. Therefore I stopped my scooter to cross him the road. He could be crushed by a bus or truck. I took

Story of a shepherd dog

This is the story of a German shepherd dog’s life. Story starts with the birth of three dogs two male and one female to a German shepherd bitch in a big house of New Delhi. The main character of our story is the most beautiful of them Moti. Moti was born in a place where every facility is available to him. He had not to worry about anything. They were all taken care of very well. In the house they were living had every facility. Room had all the facility from toys to foam beds. So the Moti started enjoying his life with his brother and sister from day one. But his fate had some different stored for him. A servant of the house has eye on him. He was in the habit of drinking and for this purpose he requires money. Therefore on one day he took the Moti and sold it in the market. From their bank officer Mr. Sharma purchased him. Mr. Sharma’s family was middle class. He has a small house of three rooms and a small balcony. In his family there were his 12 year old son and 7 year old daughter

Do we really know what is right or wrong?

Do we really know what is right or wrong? My question may look foolish to many but I have found many people including myself who do not know the difference between right and wrong. Our societies have evolved from lot of struggles. We have many religions, many believes and many philosophies. Things which are prohibited in one culture are acceptable in other. Things accepted as good to do, may differ across the globe. Earlier times all this was acceptable because we have no contact with each other. We only contact each other in wars to kill each other but now the time have changed with the advanced technologies we are becoming more near to each others. Today Allah is not the domain of Muslims or Jesus of Christens. Any body from across the globe can read my Hindu religion. I myself have gone through Hindu, Sikh and Buddha religions and partially through Muslim and Christen religions. Now it is possible for wise people to understand the hidden truth and compare it for right and wrong. Ho

Degradation of values

In the recent times, there are lot of news in the media, which are very hard to believe. According to the first news, the number of students in professional colleges using drugs and alcohol is on rise. Approximately 40% of students are involved in some kind of addiction. Second news is about the suicide of a young engineering first year student. He committed suicide because of the humiliating ragging going on the campus. He was tortured by his seniors including a girl student. For an innocent and hard working boy torture was above his limit to sustain it.These are not just two incidents in isolation; number of these kinds of episodes is on rise in India. One day, these guys will grow and join the industry and they will run the economy for us. How we can expect good behaviour and character from them, if they are involved in wrong gestures and conducts from young age. These students are not honest at their college level then the chances of show of honesty by them at the job are also very

Earning money with blogging

We are not away from the time when we will see professional blogging at its peak. Currently there are some people who are whole time bloggers. According to the latest survey there will be 10% increase in blogs traffic every month and within the coming years blogs will attract considerable amount of people. Blogs which were started as online dairies by individuals for posting their thoughts, has now turned into big business opportunities. Many people have started their own blogs to show their personal views. Today, blogs have become new place for getting required information. There are number of established blogs in the present world like probloggers.With the increasing use of internet and its spread among large number of people, we can soon expect blogs becoming more popular. According to one more survey 46% people are in blogging for money. With the increase in number of advertising revenue programs available on net, it has become easy option for the bloggers to earn money online. Exa

Blogging in India

Today blogging is gaining a lot respect in India. The protest from the blogging community against the governments ban on blogging site few months back shows the power of Indian bloggers. The protest was so strong that Indian government was forced to lift its ban on the blogging site. This was first kind of incidence showing the power of Indian bloggers. Today blogging is no more new for Indians. Many Indians are blogging continuously and have good reader base. Though still blogging is a new trend for most of Indians but in future we could hope to see more increase in the number of bloggers from India. Some people are using blogs to show the feelings and thoughts to the world and others are using it for commercial reasons. The reason may be any but the point is that we are coming on the world map of blogging. There are many Indians around the world, who are doing from the many years. The advantage with blogging is that it offers a good way to interact with the world and put the thoughts

Where is real Arvind Katoch?

Life is a complex journey and it goes on becoming more complex as we go ahead with it. When I was a child I always wanted to become young as early as possible. I felt that young people have lot of power and they can take their independent decisions. I always wanted to take my all decisions myself; moreover I also wanted to become a self independent person. However in reality after being a young today, life is turning me into a different personality which I never wanted myself to be? People’s expectations, family’s expectation, friend’s expectation, job’s expectation and relative’s expectation, all are making me to behave in some different way, in a way which I never liked. This is a way which is more superficial and away from reality. My emotional feelings are getting killed and I am becoming more and more emotion less person, or simply a dead human. Many times, I have to put a false face on my face to make others happy. Many times I have to hide my feeling and emotion for not hurt the

A smile

This four word letter smile has many things to say. What can not be achieved with big fights can be achieved by a simple smile. World is the reflection of our behavior. How we behave towards it, the similar way it behave towards us. If we smile at the world then the world will also smile at us. There are lot of grieves present in the world. Nobody wants to see dull and life less faces. Simply by adding smile to our face we can change our whole look. People will start more admiring and remembering us. Everyone must face this simple example in life, when your girlfriend first time smiled at you. Many of us will be still remembering that smile. A simple smile can do wanders or at least not do but still help us bonding positively with others. Smile is a good way to express our feeling of happiness to others. It shows that we are happy to meet that person and can accept the same from him. Like the third law of Newton “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. More genuinely we

How my mobile phone is eating my space?

Mobile phones are the greatest discovery of the time for mankind. Mobile communication has made many things in our reach. Now we can easily call any one at anytime. I can carry my mobile anywhere with myself, so people can connect me even in a jungle. So with my mobile I am in a state of constant touch with others. My company can call me when they need me, my customers can call me when they need me and my family and friends can all me when they need me. Therefore my mobile phone has made me available for all of my friends. However, in all this I am not able to call myself when I need myself. When I plan for a movie, my boss tells me do some work. When I want to do mediation someone calls me with urgency. When I am in south, someone calls me to go to north. Some times I attend more then thirty-forty calls a day and even some calls last for hours. Many times, I get calls when I am on busy roads and this may cause accident or attention diversion. The other problem is emotional flooding by

Death Fear, religion and we

Lot of people around us dies every day. This is one of the biggest realities on this earth. But still death is most unspoken word. Nobody even wants to think about it. When we hear about it, a strange fear starts coming in to our mind. Why these fears exist in us? None can give accurate answer to these questions. We are from childhood developed to treat death as a bad thing. Death is supposed to take our near and dare ones, away from us. Have we ever given a thought to it? Or ever we tried to go into its reality. The answer is no, because this is the most fearful question to us. Mostly the people who tried to solve this question are not looked as good person by our society. Secondly nobody so far is able to provide accurate answer to it. Most of the answers are questions in themselves. Even our religions are not clear about it. Every religion has its on theories and explanations. Most of them say that after death, we go into other world. They try to describe this world in their own way


Why we need help? Is it good to get help from others? Why some people help us and others do not? Why Help is considered good by some one and bad by others? What will be my options about help? Are these questions coming in to your mind about help? If yes, then this article is for you. Mostly we need help when we are in trouble or facing some kind of problem. We have all our resources and knowledge exhausted for coming out of the problem. We are not getting to any solution near to our problem. In these situations we need help. Help could of any type like for money, counsel, advice or support. Help could making us fight from the starting and win the battle. Some people who have more experience then us, can give us some advice which could be useful in coming out the situation. Moreover, with help we could see many those points which are beyond our sight due our short sighted thinking or prejudices. Help has worked as wonder in the life of many people. Many successful people of today have

Today's Organisations

Today doing a business is becoming more relaxing as compared to previous days. Though risks and competitions are still involved and even becoming furious. However the availability of world class soft wares and highly experienced consultants has made things easier for the business organizations. One example is supply chain optimization software which is becoming an important part in every organizations list of soft wares to reduces loses due to supply chain. One can trust companies like Acorn Systems for getting the best systems. There are many Organizations striving to understand and improve profitability, supply chain efficiencies, cost allocation and cost reduction which rely on Acorn for accurate, dynamic cost/profit analytics and metrics that are easy to maintain and highly scalable to support the largest enterprises. Organizations can get time to time help from them and improve their efficacy in these competitive markets. Many soft wares could be tailor cut to meet with the needs

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has emerged has a major resource for doing long distance calls at the cheapest rate. Now from India people can call America, UK and Dubai for few Indian rupees raging from Rs 3 to 5. These rates are 60% to 80% lower than the rates of call charges available with various telephone operators. Initially, VoIP was not successful in India because of the poor internet services. However, with the entry of high speed broad band and dsl network it is possible to make easily VoIP calls from India. Recently the economical broad band service from BSNL (a state telephone service provider) has made even possible to do VoIP call from home, otherwise many cyber café’s are providing this opportunity. Nobody has thought that internet could also do phone calls for us and that too at this cheap rate. Now we can make VoIP telephone calls either to other VoIP devices, or to normal telephones on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), this is other advantage and optio

I love you Garfield

Garfield is one of my best cartoon characters. I love to see his cartons on Television and read weekly Garfield series in the newspaper. I have also subscribed to email version of Garfield series. Garfield is a cute and dashing cat. I love him because his character resemble somewhat with mine. He is lazy like me and has observing behaviour. I love his wise laziness. He is lazy cat still he is wise enough to make remarks on foolish human. Garfield’s look is very attractive, really cartoonist has developed an extraordinary concept through Garfield. It is always a fun to see or read about Garfield. He is quity-quity cat, which everyone would like to have. Garfield cartoons are not only entertaining but they have simple messages which can make our life more meaningful. I always want to have cat like him. I have few cats many years before but Garfield is different, he is a master piece. A smart, lazy, fat and big cat may be a bizarre description but it holds true for Garfield’s talent. Many

State of Judical sytem

It is always a better option to have a good judicial system because it could help us in getting a good life for our people. However in India, judiciary is in bad shape. Many cases are still pending for years. Many under trail criminals are waiting for judgment for last many years. The whole problem is not with the judicial system; our political systems are also responsible for it. They are not able bring any change while seeing the wide spread corruptions and excess load of work. According many famous lawyers and retired judges, it is the need of hour to revive the whole judicial system. Moreover a good judicial system represents the got state of a state. People get justices at the faster speed and a trust got generated on the judicial system. Even still there are few people in judicial system that is fighting rightly for the causes of others. They are determined to get other justices. They are few names which are very popular in helping the needy people. One such name is of simmons ja

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are used in a game combats in which people try to do the replica of real fight. This game became popular in Japan in 1980, when it was illegal to own real fire arm. Airsoft guns spring-powered replicas of firearms that fired 6mm, plastic BBs. Airsoft guns doesn’t hurt any one, therefore can be used for playing combat games. These guns are nearly similar in look, weight and style to real firm arms. Today, Airsoft games are played in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, North America and Europe. Airsoft guns use plastic pellets commonly called as "BB's" which are propelled out of the guns by compressed air. Mostly only difference between real fire arm and Airsoft gun is the blazing orange tip and when you pull that trigger. This game helped to play combat games without hurting anyone. Having routes from early 1970, this game has come as a good sports adventure for many people around the world. In this game, people play like a real battle with two opposing tea

Wonders of Internet

Twenty years back, it was difficult to think about the internet and its usage advantages. Especially for Asian country it was like a dream. To get knowledge about the other countries and to access certain knowledge in these countries was a distinct dream. Most of the people depend upon information provided by others or books or print media. Therefore the information’s are half truth and rarely of any use. Nobody can ever think about doing business with people living in other countries. Connecting and interacting with the people of other countries was a distinct dream too. Only postal service was one available option, but it was so slow that it took months to communicate. However, in the recent years internet has come as a great option. Day by day its usage is seeing an upward trend in every sphere of life. For some of Asian countries likes India and China, it has come as bless. People from these countries are able to show their talent to the world. Internet which started as secret weap

Some side effects of Modern life

With in last fifteen years India has seen a tremendous growth in all the spheres of life. Today technologies in India are matching with the rest of the world. We have mostly all the latest technologies available. Hundreds of TV channels, broad band internet connections and mobile phones reaching every town and village. Roads are becoming wider and new high buildings are emerging from nowhere. Job opportunities are much large as compared to earlier years. Some of my friends are able to change more then five jobs in just five years. We have moved from a state of nothing to everything. However few questions have started haunting us about the life which we have chosen. Is it not a life which is missing the love of togetherness, a world which is without time for others, a life which is more demanding, a life which is making us robots, and a life which is making us ill and a life which is making us nothing at the end? Is this like it only, may be few people not agree with me because most of

Desperate Childhoods

Childhood is a time in the life of each person which plays a major role in shaping of behavior and attributes of a person for rest of life. If a child is not provided with all the basic necessities essential for life then it could severely hit the growth of child. In developing nations like India living standards of people vary very sharply. The living style of people is hit by money, location, caste, religion and position in society. Usually people who have large money or upper position in society are able to give good childhood to their children. But unfortunately numbers of these kinds of people are very less. Still there are 60% of people in India, who come under list of parents which are not able to provide all the basic necessities to their children. These basic necessities may include proper education, intellectual and emotional support for growth and fulfillment of small desires. Many children complete their whole childhood while compromising for many basic requirements. In tod

State of Mental Health in India

We can divide the health of a person into two categories; one is physical health and second is mental health . Physical health is wellbeing of our body parts and systems. It is necessary for all the body functions to work well to perform our basic daily duties. Physical health is mostly well taken care from the beginning of human era. Simply walking for few kilometers a day and doing house hold activities are enough to make us healthy. Moreover, much kind of exercises are known to every person for maintaining a healthy physical outfit. On the other hand mental health is an issue which is out of the reach or understanding of many people. Today’s human are under much pressure from the daily life routines as compared to their ancestors. Advent of high technologies and luxuries good in market has increased our desire for these things. We are slowly running towards a more pleasure seeking culture. In recent few years, Indian roads have seen major jump in the number of cars. Twenty years bac

The Rape of Vande Mataram

100th year of Vande Mataram will be written as a black day for this beautiful patriotic song. If Vande Mataram would be a person then he must have committed suicide while seeing all this. This is big shame for the politicians of India who have used this song to create an avoidable controversy. India is a single country for its entire people including Hindu, Muslim, Christen, Sikh and all other communities. As a united country, we can have one flag, one national anthem, one national song, there can not be different flag or anthem or song for different communities. The act of creating controversy regarding the Vande Mataram and making it a pro one community song is highly shame full act. I like Vande mataram because I feel proud and associated with my country when ever I listen or sing it. This song was written before the independence of India therefore it is not able to mention few of the things. However, all these things are ignorable in the light of sentiments attached with this song.

Wildlife sanctuaries are under threat in India

Most of wildlife sanctuaries in India, which are protecting endangered wildlife and flora, are coming under threat from various parts of human life. Many state governments are altering or allowing altering with the areas of these sanctuaries. Other problem is created by the illegal mining or illegal encroachment of forest land. In recent survey, it is found that most of Indian wildlife sanctuaries have lost considerable land to government acquisition or land grab by mafia. Many big dam and rail projects are become threat to these sanctuaries. Illegal mining is another concern which is hearting the biodiversity of these sanctuaries and causing ecological imbalance. Only after the recent order of Supreme Court of India, few steps are taken to remove these illegal land grabs and stop land mining in wildlife sanctuaries . State governments under pressure from land mafia or due to corruption are allowing degradation of forest lands. In many state forest guards are not provided with weapons

Why people use me?

This is a very common question asked by many people in this world because many people at some part of their life felt as being used by other humans. This is common story in this world. A girlfriend feel used by a boy friend, a wife feel used by her husband, a son may feel used by parents or a friend may feel used by other friends. Humans are really selfish in their motives and can go up to any extent to fulfill them. It is easy to exploit emotions of another human being and use him or her as per own desires, then to do the same hard work himself. People who are highly skilled in human emotion try to create false conditions in front of other humans (prays) which look so convincing to the pray that it starts working as per the direction of this person. Some people use their sweet voice, some use their emotions and some use their psychological skills to make others convinced with them. These people not only convince us what slowly starts changing our behavior as per their need. Due to th

Home loans providers in India

In India, many banks and financial institutions are involved in distributing home loans. With the increase in market for home loans many new players are also entering into the market. Every player has its own benefits and advantages as compared to others. Currently interest rates are in the range of 8 to 9% in India on home loans. There are many schemes for women and elderly which can get them home loans at slighter lower interest rates. HSBC and ICICI offers money saver home loans which offer to save 50% saving on interests. There are many innovative ideas available with various institutions. There are few players which are present in whole India and are concentrate on all kind of customers, where as other are only present in big cities and concentrating on big customer. The clear cut leader among all the institutions is ICICI bank which is much ahead from its nearest rivals. Mean reason behind all this is right time entry into market, big financial push from parent bank, presence in

Can a rail link win the heart of Tibetan’s for China?

Recently, China completed a marvelous rail project to Tibet. This is a great work of dedication shown by China government to make Tibet one with itself. China knows that it needs to win the hearts of Tibetan people so that no problem comes in future in its relations with China. Still Dalai Lama's runs an exile government from Dharamsala in India which poses a constant threat to China because it doesn’t recognize China occupation of Tibet. China has tried her best to increase connectivity with Tibet, may be to exploit the waste reservoir potential of Tibet. China is involved in many construction works of dams and other infrastructure works in Tibet. All this may look like a threat for neighboring nation India because it is increasing China’s penetration in to Tibet which can help China transporting army and animation in much faster pace. However, China has got lot of advantage with this single project like first it shows its concern for Tibetan people, it increases its presence in T

Home Loan EMI shield

Not able to pay EMI of your home loans then you do not have to worry if you have taken insurance cover for EMI payment in the time of job lose, financial crisis and other problems. Thanks to advancement in insurance industry in India, many insurance companies are today offering EMI shield for your home loans when you are not in the state to pay it. Moreover all this cost few hundred rupees, which can be paid by every individual. SO far many individuals do not opt for home loan due to this reason. Many people have feared that how they will pay their home loans if they suddenly lose their job or sudden financial crisis occur with them. Especially people working in private companies mostly shy away from home loans. Today home loans can be returned in a period as long as 20 years, which makes the payable EMI in the reach of many ordinary people but only a constant fear sudden financial crisis, stopped them from taking home loans. This scheme of EMI shield is hardly a few year old in I

Every Indian wants a own home

Thanks to various options of easy home loans home loans, many Indians are buying their own homes. Now Indians are becoming more aware of the advantages of real estate and purchasing properties. Therefore, more and more number of people are opting for home loans home loans or other loans to get a property or home. Some of the young Indians have even completed their dreams of home with the help of these home loans. Though interest rates on loans have increased in last years by little percentage but still there is no decrease in the number of people searching for good home loan options. Home loans have become a good business for many banks in India. Few of them are ICICI, LIC housing finance, HDFC and SBI. In earlier days it took years for people to make their dream of own home gets realized. All this is made possible by easy and hassle free home loans home loans. People are required to produce only a salary slip or three years income tax return, bank statement and few checks. Many loans

Beautiful house of my Grandfather

I remember the windows of my old house in my village Kanarag in tehsil Beijnath, Himachal Pradesh. The glasses in the window of house have different colors. All this makes a very beautiful look whenever a person saw it from a distance. Moreover all this become more beautiful in the landscapes of big hills behind. It was only our house in whole village which has these colored glass windows. Therefore in childhood I always feel proud of being associated with this house. Though, I am not able to visit this house for last three years, but planning to visit it in next few months. At that time for the first time, I released the importance of beautiful windows and there effect on the beauty of whole home. I will say that this was the wisdom of my great grandfather Late She Uttam Chand Katoch to make a best choice available 60 years back. Today’s world is full of many-2 options which are much ahead of that time. Moreover, inside window decorations also have taken advancement with the availab

Use of fear and ideal societies

Fear has always remained a weapon in the hands of strong people, which caused many weaker people to follow them. Indian societies are mostly built on fear. Here son fear from father, wife fears from husband, sister fears from brother and small or poor fears from big or rich. This fear factor has helped in taking our society a more ideal look. Our society is a society build on high human interference. Here most of children are dependable on their parents even some times after crossing their young hood. I have seen many of friends who are employed and are earning well but they are still not able to take their independent decisions. They even today fear from their parents and want them to take every decision for their life. Even in society there are many people who are doing the small or inhuman jobs but due to the fear of losing them they are quite. There are many people in society who are tolerating inhuman activities against them but are silent due to the fear of more harm done to them

Bribe a custom in India

Giving and taking bribe is a common phenomenon is most of the Asian countries. India can be given a high rank in all these corruptions. Recently some of my friends are happy to see rank of Pakistan more down as compared to India in a recently conducted study on corruption by leading world organization. The countries which are ranked higher are termed as least corrupt nation and the countries which are ranked lower are termed as more corrupt nation. This survey is done across most of the nations. Developed countries like Canada, US got ranked among top five nations and therefore come under the category of least corrupt nations, where as most of the Asian countries have rank below 100 except Singapore. India has rank in the range of 140 and Pakistan in the range of 150. Making them both one the most corrupt nations in world. It hardly matter at these ranks to have ten more ranks because ground realities are same in both nations. It is possible to do any kind of work whether possible or n