Wildlife sanctuaries are under threat in India

Most of wildlife sanctuaries in India, which are protecting endangered wildlife and flora, are coming under threat from various parts of human life. Many state governments are altering or allowing altering with the areas of these sanctuaries. Other problem is created by the illegal mining or illegal encroachment of forest land. In recent survey, it is found that most of Indian wildlife sanctuaries have lost considerable land to government acquisition or land grab by mafia. Many big dam and rail projects are become threat to these sanctuaries.

Illegal mining is another concern which is hearting the biodiversity of these sanctuaries and causing ecological imbalance. Only after the recent order of Supreme Court of India, few steps are taken to remove these illegal land grabs and stop land mining in wildlife sanctuaries . State governments under pressure from land mafia or due to corruption are allowing degradation of forest lands. In many state forest guards are not provided with weapons to deal with illegal activities. The pressure of money and development has stopped many people in society and government to think about environment.

People are ready to sacrifice their wildlife wealth to get the worldly wealth. Due to these activities many species of endangered animals have come under great threat. An example can be taken from the recent episode from a wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan from where all the Tiger got totally extinct. We as a society are becoming more concerned about our own well being and that may be at the cost of some innocent animals and beautiful forests . Situations are bound to become alarming if nothing is done in near future to preserve these sanctuaries.

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