Wonders of Internet

Twenty years back, it was difficult to think about the internet and its usage advantages. Especially for Asian country it was like a dream. To get knowledge about the other countries and to access certain knowledge in these countries was a distinct dream. Most of the people depend upon information provided by others or books or print media. Therefore the information’s are half truth and rarely of any use. Nobody can ever think about doing business with people living in other countries. Connecting and interacting with the people of other countries was a distinct dream too. Only postal service was one available option, but it was so slow that it took months to communicate.

However, in the recent years internet has come as a great option. Day by day its usage is seeing an upward trend in every sphere of life. For some of Asian countries likes India and China, it has come as bless. People from these countries are able to show their talent to the world. Internet which started as secret weapon of American army is now changing the life of many. The internet has given us some of popular tools one of which is e-mail. E-mails have provided us with unique opportunity to always remain in contact. It provides a permanent address on net and it remains same wherever we go. We can use it from any country where we opt to live.

It is not only helping in sending plain message, but we can even send photos and music files. This service is provided mostly free of cost by most of popular mail service providers like rediffmail.com and yahoo.com, which are among some of hit names. However, one can search thousand of free e-mail services on net. Second exciting and hit service is chatting. It is very popular among young generation. It provides them opportunity to make friends across the world and share views among each other. Chatting is not only popular among young generation; however it is becoming popular among wider set of people. It provides the opportunity of sharing our thoughts instantly without thinking about the distant divide.

Third important and recent addition to this internet story is blogs or weblogs. This is the new gem in internet crown. Blogs provide individuals’ opportunity to show their thoughts to the world. Any body from a small child to old man can use them. It provides us with a platform to know others and tell them about us. There are many hit blog stories. Forth impotent use of internet is accessibility of information. With the help of search engines like Google and MSN, we now have access to hundred of pages of information available on net. Now we do not require going to others or reading lengthy books. A click can do this for us. Now with the help of internet we have same information available to us which is available to people of America or England. Internet is also helping in removing the divides made by different boundaries. While remaining in one country we can now work for the organization of other countries. In the coming years internet is going to change our life faster than expected.

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