Bribe a custom in India

Giving and taking bribe is a common phenomenon is most of the Asian countries. India can be given a high rank in all these corruptions. Recently some of my friends are happy to see rank of Pakistan more down as compared to India in a recently conducted study on corruption by leading world organization. The countries which are ranked higher are termed as least corrupt nation and the countries which are ranked lower are termed as more corrupt nation. This survey is done across most of the nations.

Developed countries like Canada, US got ranked among top five nations and therefore come under the category of least corrupt nations, where as most of the Asian countries have rank below 100 except Singapore. India has rank in the range of 140 and Pakistan in the range of 150. Making them both one the most corrupt nations in world. It hardly matter at these ranks to have ten more ranks because ground realities are same in both nations. It is possible to do any kind of work whether possible or not by giving bribes.

It is possible to make the death certificate of a living person and to make dead a living one. All this is possible by giving small bribe of Indian rupees 500 or $ 10 to clerk in municipal offices. Many of such cases were repeatedly highlighted by various media across the both nations. In government department or in big private companies, from a small peon to big officer, all are involved in corruption. Many officer or even clerks have big properties or bank balance on their names, which they can not otherwise attain through their salary.

Every Indian has accepted bribe as a common custom, which is required to be done for getting a work done. For the last 60 year, all this is going in same state. However, slowly with the increase of surveillance of media and IT department some of these people are lying in jails. This may be a tip of iceberg. Many efforts are required to change this whole scenario because many problems are required to solved before expected a fair deal from these employs. All these issues require a greater social debate and are beyond my power to comment on because inside we all are corrupt.
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