Desperate Childhoods

Childhood is a time in the life of each person which plays a major role in shaping of behavior and attributes of a person for rest of life. If a child is not provided with all the basic necessities essential for life then it could severely hit the growth of child. In developing nations like India living standards of people vary very sharply. The living style of people is hit by money, location, caste, religion and position in society. Usually people who have large money or upper position in society are able to give good childhood to their children. But unfortunately numbers of these kinds of people are very less.

Still there are 60% of people in India, who come under list of parents which are not able to provide all the basic necessities to their children. These basic necessities may include proper education, intellectual and emotional support for growth and fulfillment of small desires. Many children complete their whole childhood while compromising for many basic requirements. In today world where high technologies are invading the minds of our children with faster speed, it becomes more important to provide a suitable growth options for children. Today’s children feel more desperate as compared to their brother and sisters few years back.

The risky point is that this desperation could lead to damaging impact on the life of children when they become adult. I am sharing one of the common problems faced by many individuals in India. It is lack of confidence and ability to speak fluent English. English as emerged as big rewarding language in terms of growth in profession and getting good jobs. However still most of the children in India belong to middle class living in small cities or villages, where there is no option available to learn and enhance English.

Therefore, many children are not able to complete their dreams. Sometimes even smallest desires are remained burred inside the heart of these young bloods because of lack of money or understanding. All this cause many talented children to live degraded lives in their adulthood. Moreover some of people even after getting good starts in adulthood are not able to come out of these childhood setbacks. Some people even restore to negative habits for coming out of childhood memories. It is advent from the latest data released by some voluntary organization; there is widespread increase in the use of sedative and narcotics by many young students in India.
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