Do we really know what is right or wrong?

Do we really know what is right or wrong?
My question may look foolish to many but I have found many people including myself who do not know the difference between right and wrong. Our societies have evolved from lot of struggles. We have many religions, many believes and many philosophies. Things which are prohibited in one culture are acceptable in other.

Things accepted as good to do, may differ across the globe. Earlier times all this was acceptable because we have no contact with each other. We only contact each other in wars to kill each other but now the time have changed with the advanced technologies we are becoming more near to each others.

Today Allah is not the domain of Muslims or Jesus of Christens. Any body from across the globe can read my Hindu religion. I myself have gone through Hindu, Sikh and Buddha religions and partially through Muslim and Christen religions. Now it is possible for wise people to understand the hidden truth and compare it for right and wrong.

However the apathy is that 90% of the people around the world do not want to accept this. They want to live on those old believes of right or wrong. They do not want to use their power of brain to see the picture in clarity. To maximum extent it is not fault of these people including me because we are born and grown in this environment.

It is very hard for us to change believes. There are many Muslims, Hindus’ and Christens’ who are killing themselves or other on the name of religion. Every one is justifying these killing as a right act as per his religion. How religions which are developed many years back can tell us what is right or wrong?

Do we not have the power to question these facts? Why we are trying to defend or giving shelter to our religions? Does our religions are so weak to defend themselves? No religion is bad; every religion has many good points, only we need few corrections in them with time.

Time has arrived to give freedom the human to choice his God, his religion or simply his life. We all need a real freedom to know what is right or wrong. Without freedom, we will never know the difference between right and wrong.
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