State of Mental Health in India

We can divide the health of a person into two categories; one is physical health and second is mental health . Physical health is wellbeing of our body parts and systems. It is necessary for all the body functions to work well to perform our basic daily duties. Physical health is mostly well taken care from the beginning of human era. Simply walking for few kilometers a day and doing house hold activities are enough to make us healthy. Moreover, much kind of exercises are known to every person for maintaining a healthy physical outfit.

On the other hand mental health is an issue which is out of the reach or understanding of many people. Today’s human are under much pressure from the daily life routines as compared to their ancestors. Advent of high technologies and luxuries good in market has increased our desire for these things. We are slowly running towards a more pleasure seeking culture. In recent few years, Indian roads have seen major jump in the number of cars. Twenty years back, it is very difficult to see a more then 10 lakh rupees car on Indian roads but now one can easily see n number of these cars. All this is also true with other gadgets.

Some people are lucky to get money for all these things easily, because of better luck or being born as silver spoon in mouth. Whereas many others have to work day and night to maintain these kinds of luxuries and still there are 80% people who never be able to touch these milestones in their life. Now 30 to 40% of these 80% people suffer from mental tensions of not being able to satisfy their needs and remaining all 20% always remain under tension to maintain their wealth. Expectation of life, family, friends and known ones also have increased many time which is very difficult to meet in busy life.

Above are only few example of tension causing reasons; we can count many other reasons responsible for stress and mental tension . Only I want to say that how difficult it is to lead tension free life in this world. Moreover many mental tensions can lead to harmful physical disorders. In these busy societies daily many people are becoming mad when they found themselves unable to coup up with unending pressures of life. I have seen many people shouting in the middle of roads and tearing off their cloths in front of general public. What is all this? Not a show of madness. However we people are so busy in our own lives that we have no time to note these things because we are confident that we can never become mad.

Physical heaths can be restored by doing few exercises but it is not possible to restore again mental health. In India the mental hospitals are flooding with patents and most of the hospitals are lacking basic infrastructures to meet this rising demand. Terrorism, insurgencies are also playing major role in increasing mental problems among women and children. We growing fast but simultaneously we are also growing in mental problem which could go out of control in near future.
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