Nature Love

Last August I got a chance to see nature closely. Today we are living in cities and got very less chance to see the nature in its beauty. We are so busy in day to day life that we forget that a few kilometers away nature has some thing stored for us. Month of August is usually a hot and rainy month in India. Monsoons start rain heavily in this month. Monsoon is a cloudy movement from sea to the upper part of India, this phenomenon happens in July-August of every month. This is the incident of 23 August. This day was clean from clouds unlike other days.

I got the chance to move to other city. The city was 45 KM from my town. However the road to that city passes through fields and ponds. All this provides a good and free atmosphere to see. This was my first journey on this road. While crossing the road I realized that a small turtle is trying to cross the road. He was quite small in size. Therefore I stopped my scooter to cross him the road. He could be crushed by a bus or truck. I took him in my hand. This was the first time when I ever had taken a turtle in hand.

He was nearly same size of my hand. He was trying to escape my hand. However he was not able to do anything because I was holding him from his solid hole. He sometimes put his head and legs inside the hole and sometimes put them out. He paddled his legs to escape however he was helpless. It was quite a beautiful experience for me. A thought came in my mind that I should take him with me. However I did not want to make him away from his family. So I just crossed him the road and released him there. He immediately run into grass and disappears. I was happy that I am able to save his life and got the chance to touch a turtle. I will always remember this beautiful experience.
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