The Rape of Vande Mataram

100th year of Vande Mataram will be written as a black day for this beautiful patriotic song. If Vande Mataram would be a person then he must have committed suicide while seeing all this. This is big shame for the politicians of India who have used this song to create an avoidable controversy. India is a single country for its entire people including Hindu, Muslim, Christen, Sikh and all other communities. As a united country, we can have one flag, one national anthem, one national song, there can not be different flag or anthem or song for different communities. The act of creating controversy regarding the Vande Mataram and making it a pro one community song is highly shame full act.

I like Vande mataram because I feel proud and associated with my country when ever I listen or sing it. This song was written before the independence of India therefore it is not able to mention few of the things. However, all these things are ignorable in the light of sentiments attached with this song. Unfortunately, our politicians have sold their every inch of soul and they can do any disrespectful act towards anybody. Things can not be forced on anybody and it should not be like this. If Muslims, Sikhs or other communities do not want to sing it then it OK. But really an ordinary man against Vande Mataram or some of the leaders are making it an issue.

All these issues are making us a divided nation with Hinduism on one side and other communities on other side. Further, Hindu’s are again divided into different castes and communities, making India a nation of few castes, religions and regions. In coming years it will be very difficult for us to search an Indian because then every one will be a Brahman, Schedule caste/tribe, Backward class, Muslim, Christen, Sikh or other castes. Controversy on Vande Mataram is a starting of this time where people will be less Indian and more individually oriented. This was not the dream of leaders of India who fought for its independent.
Vande Mataram
A fellow Indian
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