Earning money with blogging

We are not away from the time when we will see professional blogging at its peak. Currently there are some people who are whole time bloggers. According to the latest survey there will be 10% increase in blogs traffic every month and within the coming years blogs will attract considerable amount of people. Blogs which were started as online dairies by individuals for posting their thoughts, has now turned into big business opportunities. Many people have started their own blogs to show their personal views.

Today, blogs have become new place for getting required information. There are number of established blogs in the present world like probloggers.With the increasing use of internet and its spread among large number of people, we can soon expect blogs becoming more popular. According to one more survey 46% people are in blogging for money. With the increase in number of advertising revenue programs available on net, it has become easy option for the bloggers to earn money online. Examples of some of these programs are Adsense, AVN, Chitika’s eMini Mails, Adgenta and Crisp Ads etc. By putting these Ads on blogs, one can earn good money. Second available earning option is affiliate programs like Amazons, Link share, Click bank and commission junctions etc.

Bloggers are mostly rewarded as per the number of potential customers generated by ads on their blogs.Third interesting way of generating good revenue is sponsorship. When a blog become popular in some segment, then the company dealing in that segment sometimes sponsors the whole blog. Like if you write on mobile phones and your blog becomes hit among mobile lovers then there are many chances that Nokia may sponsor your blog and pay you for writing. Fourth way is indirect marketing. In this way people promote their products, websites and e-books by providing links or by advertising them on the blogs.

These are some of the available few ways of earning money online from blogging and which takes us towards professional blogging. Steve Pavlina, a successful blogger, has claimed throw his website stevepavlina.com that he has earned $ 4700 last month through this site. Out of which 98% is from Ads and 2% from affiliate programs. The revenue from this site in the beginning of the year was only $ 10/month. Now he plans to touch five figures revenue next year.

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