Use of fear and ideal societies

Fear has always remained a weapon in the hands of strong people, which caused many weaker people to follow them. Indian societies are mostly built on fear. Here son fear from father, wife fears from husband, sister fears from brother and small or poor fears from big or rich. This fear factor has helped in taking our society a more ideal look. Our society is a society build on high human interference. Here most of children are dependable on their parents even some times after crossing their young hood. I have seen many of friends who are employed and are earning well but they are still not able to take their independent decisions. They even today fear from their parents and want them to take every decision for their life. Even in society there are many people who are doing the small or inhuman jobs but due to the fear of losing them they are quite. There are many people in society who are tolerating inhuman activities against them but are silent due to the fear of more harm done to them. Many private players in India have also exploited this fear factor for their own growth. These companies mostly select people who have high level of fear factor so that they also can exploit them. Moreover, the chances are that a person with high fear factor will not stand against them. I am not against fear factor, but I am against the outcomes of these fear factors. Many parents who doesn’t allow there children to take independent and fearless decisions, some where make them not fully grown human beings. Due this weakness, these people remain frustrated and even some time restore to tranquilizers. All this makes our society an ideal society where everyone obeys but it become a society of weak and fearful people. Some people are so much frightened by their parents or society that they remain in false fears for whole life. Why we are not able to take any lesson from birds and make our children more fearless and independent? Why society doesn’t become an equal player for all? For you, I may look an advocate of strong society with strong and fearless people, may be there are few people who are rebellions in it. But this society has the power to make every dream possible which is lying ideal for so many years.
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