How my mobile phone is eating my space?

Mobile phones are the greatest discovery of the time for mankind. Mobile communication has made many things in our reach. Now we can easily call any one at anytime. I can carry my mobile anywhere with myself, so people can connect me even in a jungle. So with my mobile I am in a state of constant touch with others. My company can call me when they need me, my customers can call me when they need me and my family and friends can all me when they need me. Therefore my mobile phone has made me available for all of my friends.

However, in all this I am not able to call myself when I need myself. When I plan for a movie, my boss tells me do some work. When I want to do mediation someone calls me with urgency. When I am in south, someone calls me to go to north. Some times I attend more then thirty-forty calls a day and even some calls last for hours. Many times, I get calls when I am on busy roads and this may cause accident or attention diversion. The other problem is emotional flooding by others, whenever someone feels sad or frustrated he use his phone to put all his sadness and frustration in my mind.

At somewhere I feel this innovation of mankind is invading my life and more of my personal shape. My loneliness gets suffer by this small ringing device. Last few months I have set time table for my mobile phone and trying to strictly obey it. I put phone on silent or switch it off when I go to sleep or need some personal space. I pick my calls as per the mood and requirement. This arrangement may look awkward to you but it is helping me in making myself more with me. I cannot allow this small device to evade my life and make it more complex then simple.
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