Blogging in India

Today blogging is gaining a lot respect in India. The protest from the blogging community against the governments ban on blogging site few months back shows the power of Indian bloggers. The protest was so strong that Indian government was forced to lift its ban on the blogging site. This was first kind of incidence showing the power of Indian bloggers. Today blogging is no more new for Indians. Many Indians are blogging continuously and have good reader base. Though still blogging is a new trend for most of Indians but in future we could hope to see more increase in the number of bloggers from India.

Some people are using blogs to show the feelings and thoughts to the world and others are using it for commercial reasons. The reason may be any but the point is that we are coming on the world map of blogging. There are many Indians around the world, who are doing from the many years. The advantage with blogging is that it offers a good way to interact with the world and put the thoughts forward. Some of the blogging are already hit and are providing good information to their readers. With all this we could hope to see better blogs from India.
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