Some side effects of Modern life

With in last fifteen years India has seen a tremendous growth in all the spheres of life. Today technologies in India are matching with the rest of the world. We have mostly all the latest technologies available. Hundreds of TV channels, broad band internet connections and mobile phones reaching every town and village. Roads are becoming wider and new high buildings are emerging from nowhere. Job opportunities are much large as compared to earlier years. Some of my friends are able to change more then five jobs in just five years. We have moved from a state of nothing to everything.

However few questions have started haunting us about the life which we have chosen. Is it not a life which is missing the love of togetherness, a world which is without time for others, a life which is more demanding, a life which is making us robots, and a life which is making us ill and a life which is making us nothing at the end? Is this like it only, may be few people not agree with me because most of us have no time to think about the negative impacts of this fast life. Psychological disorders are rising at alarming pace; nearly every one is associated with some or other health problem.

We are generating pollution and endangering our environment to make money. We are cutting beautiful trees from hills to make hotels and home, we destroying beautiful beaches to construct five star hotels. The nature is also rewarding us back with increase in normal temperature level which has caused the hardest summer ever in America and Europe. We are creating things to get comfort but more sever problems are emerging in front of us because it is not possible to steal anything from nature. However the thirst for more money and comforts is making our life more difficult.

I have seen the time when we are poor and have less resource. At that time most of the people are happy, we have more time for each other, and every one respect each other. Today thanks to mobile phone and internets that we can call or mail our friends instantly but unfortunately we do not have any time to visit them in personal. Life looks more near to us, but in actual it has gone more far away from many of us. Today even many small children are dying from cancer, diabetics, hepatics and heart disorders, which was not a seen years before. Osteoporosis has become a common story for all the middle-aged people. Have we accepted all these side-effects for getting a more comfortable life?
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