State of Judical sytem

It is always a better option to have a good judicial system because it could help us in getting a good life for our people. However in India, judiciary is in bad shape. Many cases are still pending for years. Many under trail criminals are waiting for judgment for last many years. The whole problem is not with the judicial system; our political systems are also responsible for it.

They are not able bring any change while seeing the wide spread corruptions and excess load of work. According many famous lawyers and retired judges, it is the need of hour to revive the whole judicial system. Moreover a good judicial system represents the got state of a state. People get justices at the faster speed and a trust got generated on the judicial system. Even still there are few people in judicial system that is fighting rightly for the causes of others. They are determined to get other justices.

They are few names which are very popular in helping the needy people. One such name is of simmons jannace & stagg. They are known for fighting many cases in America, which helped many people. One of the highlight was their case for September 11the victim’s widow. The attorney sought $2,000,000 as a contingency fee from the widow. The fight of simmons jannace & stag was able to found justice to the women by upholding the decision of fee. They have also done the same with Nancy Burpee case and with many others. This shows there commitment for getting to the ordinary people. Some time people found themselves in the middle of situation where they did not know what they want to do.
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