Can a rail link win the heart of Tibetan’s for China?

Recently, China completed a marvelous rail project to Tibet. This is a great work of dedication shown by China government to make Tibet one with itself. China knows that it needs to win the hearts of Tibetan people so that no problem comes in future in its relations with China. Still Dalai Lama's runs an exile government from Dharamsala in India which poses a constant threat to China because it doesn’t recognize China occupation of Tibet.

China has tried her best to increase connectivity with Tibet, may be to exploit the waste reservoir potential of Tibet. China is involved in many construction works of dams and other infrastructure works in Tibet. All this may look like a threat for neighboring nation India because it is increasing China’s penetration in to Tibet which can help China transporting army and animation in much faster pace.

However, China has got lot of advantage with this single project like first it shows its concern for Tibetan people, it increases its presence in Tibet and it can help China in transporting army good more easily. People in today world are more interested in better life style options provided by respective countries. If the needs of people are fulfilled with utmost commitment by a country then it can help in getting reciprocal commitment from people.

China works in Tibet is a work in this same direction which can result in losing grip of Dalai Lama on Tibet and increasing acceptance of China in Tibet. It is increasingly difficult to hold people of a nation together without doing any concrete work for them. Force can not help anymore un-performing governments to suppress people revolts. Therefore it is advisable for all the governments around the world to do concrete work to make their countries united and solid.

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