Beautiful house of my Grandfather

I remember the windows of my old house in my village Kanarag in tehsil Beijnath, Himachal Pradesh. The glasses in the window of house have different colors. All this makes a very beautiful look whenever a person saw it from a distance. Moreover all this become more beautiful in the landscapes of big hills behind. It was only our house in whole village which has these colored glass windows. Therefore in childhood I always feel proud of being associated with this house.

Though, I am not able to visit this house for last three years, but planning to visit it in next few months. At that time for the first time, I released the importance of beautiful windows and there effect on the beauty of whole home. I will say that this was the wisdom of my great grandfather Late She Uttam Chand Katoch to make a best choice available 60 years back. Today’s world is full of many-2 options which are much ahead of that time.

Moreover, inside window decorations also have taken advancement with the availability of much kind of window blind & shade products in the market. Some of the choices include wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds. Definitely if my grandfather was alive at this time then he must have also chosen some of best options available. Still I praise him for choosing the best available option of his time and making our house a memorable moment in my life. I have crossed many years of my childhood while seeing through these windows. Really small things chosen with care can create lot of difference. I will try to publish few of pictures of my old house in coming future.

With love arvind
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