Why people use me?

This is a very common question asked by many people in this world because many people at some part of their life felt as being used by other humans. This is common story in this world. A girlfriend feel used by a boy friend, a wife feel used by her husband, a son may feel used by parents or a friend may feel used by other friends. Humans are really selfish in their motives and can go up to any extent to fulfill them. It is easy to exploit emotions of another human being and use him or her as per own desires, then to do the same hard work himself.

People who are highly skilled in human emotion try to create false conditions in front of other humans (prays) which look so convincing to the pray that it starts working as per the direction of this person. Some people use their sweet voice, some use their emotions and some use their psychological skills to make others convinced with them. These people not only convince us what slowly starts changing our behavior as per their need. Due to this a good person may starts behaving like a bad person.

The person whose behavior is altered by other person mostly does not know it or if able to know it then it is mostly after a long period of time. Some people in this world are so clever or so good actors that they easily create false conditions in front of us which are enough to convince us. These people are so expert in lying that a truth speaking people will look lying in front of them. Moreover these people know our weakness and use them to make us convince with them.

The other major problem with this issue is that many people exploit their life by becoming puppet in the hand of these people. Due to their effect people forget about right and wrong and so commit wrong deeds which are damaging for them. This way is very popular and widely used way to remove enemies because it does not create any responsibility on them and most of time enemy themselves lives the way for them. Be cautious if some one is using you it can be anyone or even you yourself.

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