Degradation of values

In the recent times, there are lot of news in the media, which are very hard to believe. According to the first news, the number of students in professional colleges using drugs and alcohol is on rise. Approximately 40% of students are involved in some kind of addiction. Second news is about the suicide of a young engineering first year student. He committed suicide because of the humiliating ragging going on the campus. He was tortured by his seniors including a girl student.

For an innocent and hard working boy torture was above his limit to sustain it.These are not just two incidents in isolation; number of these kinds of episodes is on rise in India. One day, these guys will grow and join the industry and they will run the economy for us. How we can expect good behaviour and character from them, if they are involved in wrong gestures and conducts from young age. These students are not honest at their college level then the chances of show of honesty by them at the job are also very less.

It is really hard to clear entrance examinations for joining these prestigious colleges. IIT is the biggest engineering institute in India. A boy from Calcutta IIT was nabbed by Delhi police for putting blue film for download on (now India, it is like a dream for most of students to join ITT. For the 300000 students appearing for IIT only 3000 are able to clear it. Many the students who got the seat in IIT don’t realize its value and indulge in wrong doing. Country requires a greater sensible approach from these young gentlemen because whole country’s future depends upon them.

The boy who had done suicide may the star for country, if provided with the chance and positive atmosphere to grow.How long we will go on repeating the same mistakes. Situations are already rated by some experts as serious and requiring immediate action. All these problems are basically coming from degradation of moral values. Younger generation is not in state to see what is right or wrong for them. Here a complete society role comes in to play. Hope for best that situations improve in future.
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