I love you Garfield

Garfield is one of my best cartoon characters. I love to see his cartons on Television and read weekly Garfield series in the newspaper. I have also subscribed to email version of Garfield series. Garfield is a cute and dashing cat. I love him because his character resemble somewhat with mine. He is lazy like me and has observing behaviour. I love his wise laziness. He is lazy cat still he is wise enough to make remarks on foolish human.

Garfield’s look is very attractive, really cartoonist has developed an extraordinary concept through Garfield. It is always a fun to see or read about Garfield. He is quity-quity cat, which everyone would like to have. Garfield cartoons are not only entertaining but they have simple messages which can make our life more meaningful. I always want to have cat like him. I have few cats many years before but Garfield is different, he is a master piece.

A smart, lazy, fat and big cat may be a bizarre description but it holds true for Garfield’s talent. Many times Garfield is able to add fun in my life through his movies, cartoons or prints. I hope to see him achieving new heights and liked by lots of people around the world. The major difference to the concept of Garfield is made by his ability to walk on two feet and not on four. This gives him a different outlook and appearance as compared to his counterparts. In the love of Garfield

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